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Crossbowman Skill Build

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megaf6 Level 200 Windia Wind Archer 4
Does anyone have a newly updated crossbowman skill build guide?
Posted: October 2011 Permalink


As a bowman, just max everything except double shot or arrow blow, which you'll keep at 11.

As a crossbowman, max everything except Golden Eagle or Iron Arrow. It's your choice. Personally, I think Golden Eagle gets in the way.
Oct 05 2011
Like MacD said, max everything in first job except DS/AB, which you keep at 11.

I would personally max iron arrow has it has slightly more utility than golden eagle. eagle gets IMMEDIATELY replaced by frostprey (even at lvl 1) in terms of dmg, not to include the freeze effect+hitting 4(instead of 1).

Iron arrow gets replaced by Pierce, but that's two jobs away. they both get eventually replaced, so it honestly doesn't matter where you put them.

as for 3rd job, my current plan is to max everything except dragon pulse, which i'm leaving at 11. I can't find any skill charts to see if lvl 11 dp will hit 6; if it doesn't then I would take out points from puppet.
Oct 05 2011
@BoredArnold: No no no no! DB hits 6 monsters at level 16. You should still max puppet, and take 5 points instead out of Blizz as at level 15, Blizz gets 3 second freeze and the other 5 points are just for damage, which you won't need. You need level 15 Puppet to get E. Puppet anyway (when you get it eventually).
Oct 05 2011
megaf6 Level 200 Windia Wind Archer 4
Thanks guys. There isn't an order of what to max first? I know obviously to max mastery first, but after that I'm confuzzled.
Oct 05 2011

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