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Oct 24 11
Bera Crossbow Man
Hello! I was currently looking into buying a new laptop, and was wondering if maplestory would be able to run on a mac? Thanks for taking your time to answer my silly little question .
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Oct 24 11
Scania Blade Recruit
not in a mac
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Oct 24 11
Broa Battle Mage 2
You Voo why you use a MAC? Use a P/C Burn the Non-Believer ... Jk but yes and no you can't run it on a Mac OS, but you can run it on a Windows OS, but can run on the same computer!
Oct 24 11
Scania Battle Mage 2
Macs are meant for professional work, not gaming. If you want to game, I'd advise getting a PC
Oct 24 11
KradiaGMS Battle Mage 4
No, since MAC doesn't support the .EXE file type it doesn't run...
ive heard that if you use bootcamp it can run
Oct 24 11
Bera Crossbow Man
Would you recommend another laptop then?
Oct 24 11
Broa Night Walker 3
macs now come with the ability to have windows on it so technically yes(you would have to switch between the os when you want to play though) but honestly macs are SOO OVERPRICED
Oct 24 11
Bera Night Lord
Epikcolours: LOL good luck, i got it working once on my mac but then it kept crashing and errors

I've played Windows games on my Mac via Bootcamp and it never crashed or gave errors for me.
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Oct 24 11
Windia I/L Arch Mage
I run it on Parallels. You just need a disc image or disc of Windows (I used XP) and a full version of Parallels.
Oct 24 11
Scania Marksman
I'm using a mac. sure, it works, you have to run a virtual computer to simulate windows. SO GET WINDOWS. It's really complicated to get it.
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