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Do Jr. Wraith familiar cards actually drop?

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Do they? Because I know lots of people have been killing them for ages, yet I haven't seen a single person with one.
Posted: October


oh ._. i must just be 'unluky'. -______-
Oct 28 2011
Hi Helen!

OT: I durno lol.
lexuslx570DarGTR - Level 60
Oct 28 2011
I found one in about 5 minutes. I like the effect, but the vitality ran out too quickly
Oct 28 2011
Yeah, I have one. Can't get the vitality back up though. Hunt is back on for another card x_X.
Oct 29 2011
Hi Helen!

OT: I durno lol.[/quote]

Oh haha hey david xP
Oct 30 2011
According to the Monster Book, Jr. Wraiths drop familiar cards, regular Wraiths don't.
BobRMikeTheMagus - Level 85
Oct 30 2011

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