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Is Twitter becoming more popular than Facebook?

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At my school people are starting to go crazy and disable their Facebook accounts. EVERYONE is going crazy over Twitter. I mean, I tweet, AND do Facebook, but I wanted to know if people who don't live near me are having the same thing go on.

By the way I'm 16 in highschool if that changes anything for you guys.

thanks, really helps, I'm very curious if this is happening anywhere else.
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Never used Facebook. Twitter a somewhat of a good site for some updates on things you're interested in.
Oct 29 2011
Twitter sucks.
Tumblr's much better.[/quote]

Oct 29 2011
I felt the same way, but now its kinda grown on me
Oct 29 2011
Facebook - Has everything you need: Pictures, Status Updates, Clubs, FB Chat
Twitter - Quick Status Updates
Tumblr - Lots of AmA, pictures, and more personal

I'm guessing people don't need all the stuff in Facebook and want quick status updates to see what friends are up to.
Oct 29 2011
Like constant status updates, sorta like facebook without all the gey stuff on the side.
Oct 29 2011
What's up with kids now in days can't stay on one social site -_-
Oct 29 2011
KajiReborn Level 171 Bera Battle Mage 4
Twitter is okay to follow some important people and news. Tumblr is useless, FB is annoying but ok to have for friends who might not be close to you and/or relatives. Too many annoying people though.

Best site is YouTube.
Oct 29 2011
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