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Drop Rate of Familiars

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I've been hunting at surgeon eyes for over an hour, and so far, only one familiar card has dropped. (I want to become "shadowy"
How long does it normally take for familiar cards to drop? I want to get all 3 before I use it.
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Packtwelve Level 212 Bera Wind Archer 4
This is just my guess, but it seems like the higher the level of the monster, the lower the drop rate. I've been trying to farm some only on my BM and so far:

Red Snails: got 1 while walking through a map
Orange Mushrooms (3): about 2 minutes for each, just 1x drop
Crocos: 1 during 45 minutes, 30 minutes being on 1.2x drop
Dark Drakes and Lioners: nothing during a good 1hr+ at each, about an hour being on 1.2x drop
Oct 29 2011
Deciduous Level 48 Khaini Battle Mage 2
the drop rate seems to be based on monster level, like Packtwelve is saying. drop reduction definitely doesn't affect them since i managed to get Blue Mushroom and Starpixie cards on my 12x BM. that said, i spent about an hour at Surgeon Eyes with no card drops so i'm not sure.
just keep trying and if possible use drop boosters.
Oct 29 2011
lokiuy Level 170 Bera Shade 4
Can anyone confirm getting a 70+ monster familiar without buying the Booster or Starter packs?
Oct 29 2011
Splee11 Level 136 Broa Demon Slayer 4
It seems to me like the shadowy familiars are difficult to find. Took me over an hour to find a Dark Stone Golem, and I couldn't find a Poison Mushroom. Jr. Wraiths were super easy though, and their "luminous shadow" effect is pretty cool.
Oct 29 2011
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