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thief revamp update
MapleStory Forums : Thief : Thief questions and answers
Nov 11 11
Khaini Warrior
edit: so they released the changes and in my opinion they are horrible and unoriginal. it would be better nexon if u used my ideas...

so as u all know the thief revamp is coming in december so i think i should think up ideas and wat we should expect. so i think that sins should have a skill that trhows 6 stars and it will be called finishing throw and bandits should be able to use kataras since daggers and 1h and they can still use there other hand. also with shadow partner finishing throw will the same amount as phantom blow so they will not be weaker than duel blades. but it could be a bit OP so i think shadow partner should be nerfed to 30% but that may be a bit weak so maybe you add advanced shadow parter which summons 2 shadows so they throw double the stars. pretty cool huh? maybe bandits can have phantom blow since they use daggers and kataras.

so wat do u think about these ideas and wat do u want? also wat do you think the thief hero will be like?

also i am making a ua sin since i finished peridots what skill build should i do?
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Nov 11 11
Galicia Blade Recruit
dual blades are supposed to offfensive shad's. shads are like, thief tanks

and throwing 6 stars? with shad partner, nl are gonna be throwin 12 stars- twice thier normal rate
Nov 11 11*
Khaini Warrior
yeah so it is good as phantom blow
Nov 11 11
Windia Corsair
yea lets give every class shadow partner
Nov 11 11
Windia Blade Recruit
Waveyyy: yea lets give every class shadow partner

Lets not and say we didn't. Giving every class SP would just make everyone OP.
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Nov 11 11
Scania Ranger
DualBladez25: Lets not and say we didn't. Giving every class SP would just make everyone OP.

But they might go ahead anyways.
Nov 11 11
Scania Night Lord
Waveyyy: yea lets give every class shadow partner

Agree, lets give EVERY CLASS shadow partner and Flash Jump. Might as well.
Nov 11 11
Khaini Warrior
i think that isn't a good idea becuz it should be unique to thiefs
Nov 11 11
Bera Bishop
ua sin follows the same build as a normal sin, except do NOT put skills into drain as vampire is better. once you reach 3rd job you will have 11 points into drain as those are leftover points.i suggest you put one sp into shadow partner and slowly max out shadow partner while adding a point into avenger every level or so as its your secondary mobber attack for end game[vampire works better in most situations, but avenger has very steady damage and does more then vampire but uses more stars as vampire doesn't use any]

source: I'm a ultimate explorer nightlord
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Nov 11 11
Broa Shadower
Maybe Shadowers should get an upgraded version of Savage Blow? It hits 12 times at maybe 100%? It ould also have to be as fast or quicker than savage blow. The main things I want fixed though are my issues with Meso Explosion. Namely, pushing mobs to the left and detonating mesos by which ones dropped first.
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