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familiar effect question? soul weapon

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hey guys,
i got a familiar card with the description:

'attack twice with 100% chance stunning of 4 enemies for 6 seconds.
a soul weapon that increases the absorption of souls'

is this useful and how much would it cost (bera) ?
thank you
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I saw a video of it once. I think it was this anyway. When you kill monsters and reach 1000 souls you get to do some special move that does a ton of damage which looks like a kamehameha
Nov 11 2011
xxxadaaddxxx Level 142 Windia Luminous 4
yeah^^^^^ but you use a scroll on your weapon or something that turns it into a soul weapon o__o no idea how to get it though
Nov 11 2011
qcardes Level 122 Scania Hero
100% stun. *drool* What familiar is it?
Nov 11 2011
100% stun. *drool* What familiar is it?[/quote]

I want to know aswell
Nov 11 2011
lycanthrope. took me a while to get...
Nov 11 2011
idk. thats what i want to know. but i dont want to use the card. might cost alot
Nov 13 2011
Nhil Level 200 Galicia Demon Slayer 4
idk. thats what i want to know. but i dont want to use the card. might cost alot[/quote]

I'm in the process of hunting for one now ><
If I find one I'm going to use it and i'll post of basil about what it does.
I've been looking everywhere for an answer
Nov 13 2011
Snowman Level 222 Scania Mercedes 4
The attack twice with stun, and considering it's level...
Quite intereesting.
Nov 13 2011
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