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How do I qualify for ampario surveys?

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Nov 16 11
Chaos Shade 2
I've tried it everyday for like 2 weeks and I have NEVER qualified wtfudge.

edit: oops wrong section sowwy.
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Nov 16 11
Broa Dragon Knight
To be honest it's luck. I have a 40% qualification rate. Remember, try to sound different but still believable. Don't say your diabetic and drink three cans of soda daily. Watch out for "please mark ________ for quality control, and remember the age, salary, job, and stuff like tha you put in. I really like the surveys. Be pacient, and do both of them
Nov 16 11
Scania Wind Archer 3
Its VERY finicky.

I ended up trying at least 20 different surveys, each taking a good 10~15 minutes. Only racked up about 2k nx? I cant say it was worth it

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