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Do we get a new character slot when Cannoneers come out?

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Nov 27 11
So...... do we?
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Nov 27 11
nope delete your highest lvl character
Nov 27 11
Aww, what about when the other legends come out?
Nov 27 11
Scania Demon Avenger 4
We don't know.
Is waiting too much for you?
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Nov 27 11
Bera I/L Arch Mage
footballnoob: nope delete your highest lvl character
Why? Will it get deleted? qq
Nov 27 11
In KMS and JMS they got one automatically with Legend and another from a Hot Time event.
We don't know; nor do we know if we'll get AP resets; nor do we know much about how bad GMS is going to make this stuff.
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Nov 27 11
I got a free character slot in Chaos.
Nov 27 11
Windia Night Lord
i quit for 2 years and when i came back i had like 9 char slots and 2 characters so im set
Nov 27 11
I want a new char.slot
Nov 27 11
Khaini Night Lord
i have like 9 slots or something too so i don't mind. XDXDXD
not that i planned on making one. but after getting the level 100 weapon, the idea of using a big cannon seems kind of neat so i might give it a try.. even though i haven't tried out like 90% of the classes there are.
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