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Level 150 training

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Is it just me or is it taking freaking ages to level now? Where should I train? PQ or just stick with LHC still? It's so slowwww ! and I'm so weakkk !
Posted: December 2011 Permalink


TroiSky Level 200 Bera Bishop
To me, if you're training in a glitched map then it's fast. If you can't get into a glitched party, then go do what 1st poster suggests. It's pretty fast in my opinion..
and if you're saying your weak, instead of using that NX to beautify your character, use it to improve your equips. <------ not meant to sound mean.
Dec 01 2011
But I don't attack in PQ, LMFAO, is it faster to do any other pq's in comparison to LHC, or is it LHC ftw?
Hhahaha, so true TroiSky hahah so true.
Dec 01 2011
TroiSky Level 200 Bera Bishop
:o .. it's ok if you dont attack in PQ's since you're not that strong, utilize your bishop skills to support your party > . I suggest just doing Kenta/Escape pq first, max it out, then go LHC. At those levels each pq should give you 3~4% each, but when you hit 160's it will give you 2~3% each pq. It's fun doing them ! Especially since the prizes are worth it >, i got my kenta goggles and alma von leon belt last week. They should help improve your damage a little .
Though LHC can be boring, just train with friends! It makes time go faster if you're chatting while grinding at a glitched map.
Dec 01 2011
yume Level 122 Scania Mercedes 4
Go Showa boss once in awhile with your friends

They take literally forever to die so it's a bit boring too, but the exp isn't too bad even when our damage is low.
Dec 01 2011
kenta/drpq/hob/escape you know the drill
and even if you are weak [im assuming you have atleast 1 point in genesis for the cool factor] it helps alot in all of those party quests
also even if you are weak you should still "attack" to the best of your ability the exp gain is much larger

Do quests in between party quests or inbetween training

its what i do, it might be slower then sitting at lhc all day but its more entertaining
Dec 01 2011

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