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I didnt get extra slot coupon?
MapleStory Forums : General MapleStory : General MS questions and answers
Dec 08 11
Bera Bow Master
Apparently, we were supposed to get extra character slot coupons after the patch. I, however, did not receive one, while everyone else in my guild and buddy list did. Is there something I have to do in order to get the extra slot coupon?
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Dec 08 11
Bera Cannoneer 3
empty your use slots
Dec 08 11
Bera Bow Master
kurorin: empty your use slots

I did, still didn't get it.
New MapleStory Screen: Basilard
Dec 08 11
Mardia Aran 4
They come in the Cannoneer's inventory.
Dec 08 11
Bellocan Evan 10th Growth
Did you check all your chars?
Dec 08 11
Scania Cleric
relog on a diff char
Dec 08 11
Scania Bow Master
when u log on you shoulda had a empty slot in use.. >_<
New MapleStory Screen: Ms laptop cover
Dec 08 11
Windia Corsair
Max char slots?
Dec 08 11
Scania Shadower
Empty use, then relog o-o.
Dec 08 11
Bera Bow Master
SnippsAran It didn't come with my cannoneer.
Jack2193 I checked all the ones I logged on in the past few weeks.
imshocute I did. Still nothing.
babu112 I did for my Cannoneer, which was the first character I logged on.
iAznEciipse My friend had 9 character slots, and he still got one. I have 8.
Tatipu I tried, got nothing.
New MapleStory Screen: Basilard
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