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Abyss, Fearless, and other upgrade weapons

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grimangle Level 194 Elnido Mercedes 4
does anyone know exactly what material they are made from? and what monster drop the recipes?

much appreciated
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yes they drop, i seen the recipes in the monsters book.
Dec 09 2011
grimangle Level 194 Elnido Mercedes 4
any clue what drops them? if u can tell me?

oh nvm...its just as random as other weapon recipe' looking for dual bowgun mainly lol...ill try to find it
Dec 09 2011
grimangle Level 194 Elnido Mercedes 4 doesnt seem like they have the recipe for the legend update class weapons ...
but thx nevertheless
Dec 09 2011
they do...they all the updates just look under the Blacksmith (kMS 1.2.136)
Dec 09 2011
paulp0wah Level 177 Galicia Hero
oh god. where do we get philosophers stone and shards of chaos and ancient essence?
Dec 10 2011
blaylock101 Level 193 Bellocan Bow Master
ToT drops the recipes a lot, pretty much any monster that has the reverse/timeless recipe drops the abyss/fearless one
Look at the monster cards haha
Dec 11 2011

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