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How do i get equips needed to make Dragonic weps

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fdkasxd Level 153 Broa Dark Knight
So recently i just got a Dragonic Gilded Titan. Its a level 110 Cannon with durability. its like one of those level 105 weapons but stronger. So when i learned it i saw that i need a Gilded Titan the level 105 version. So i just wanna know how we get the level 105 versions cuz i also saw a Dragonic Lapis Axe on one for the codex monster's drop list and i really wanna make it and if i need to make it im going to assume ill need the 105 version Lapis Axe. So please tell me how we get it thx ^-^
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iVege Level 10 Khaini
i got the recipe from grinding on newtes and nest golems[/quote]

Why would you grind on me...?
Dec 10 2011
fdkasxd Level 153 Broa Dark Knight
Was grinding there to finish the legends mission event xD
Dec 10 2011

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