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Pianus respawn time?

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LittleAzn12 Level 200 Windia Bow Master
Does anyone know what the respawn time on Pianus is now..trying to get a certificate >.<
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Caneocan Level 148 Scania Blade Recruit
24 hours for right. 36 hours for left. Good luck finding one.
Dec 10 2011
mouse1996 Level 209 Kradia Paladin Sanctuary Guild
It's 24 hours for right and 36 hours for left. They're really hard to find. Only the people who killed it know the time, unless you're really lucky and find one. It's best if you pop in at different times everyday, it won't always be the same time.
Dec 10 2011
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TheJokr88 Level 200 Mardia Shadower
Does it respawn after s/c or patches?[/quote]
Yes, every time there is a SC or Patch, the respawns get reset, so your best bet to find one is right when the SC ends, and 2nd best way is to keep track of when the SC ended and wait untill the 36 or 24 hour spawn time is met.
Dec 10 2011
Does it respawn after s/c or patches?[/quote]

Nope. after whoever killed it last.

edit @thejokr88 not true. if someone found it like 10 min before a maintence and killed it, then the respawn will be 24-36 hours after the kill. it does not depend on s/c.
Dec 10 2011
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LittleAzn12 Level 200 Windia Bow Master
Lol my friend just found me one . Time to go HT pq for badges
Dec 10 2011

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