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Dec 21 11
Bera Assassin
Loving my Jr. Boogie.

I discovered him completely by accident, passing through Perion...

Although he's a Level 7 familiar, he has got the best skills ever.

Occasional multi-target slow along with 1000 mana recovery every 10 seconds... can anyone say imba?

I just train with magic guard on and I still don't even use a single mana potion on my level 96 Priest!

I challenge someone to find a better familiar :O
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Dec 21 11
Scania Bishop
mutant snail! strong att, recovers alot of hp and mp for the whole party. consider yourself beaten
Dec 21 11
Bera Assassin
how much mp is it? o_O
Dec 21 11
Broa Hero
red kents continuously heal party members hp and blue heals party members mp
Dec 21 11
Mardia Jett 4
mutant snail
Dec 21 11
Khaini Bishop
Problem with mutant snail is that it's level 162 ;P
Dec 21 11
Mardia Mechanic 4
Mutant snail, whole parties mp and hp by a large amount. Amount isnt predetermined, its a set of %. it depends onn how much mp or hp u have.
Dec 21 11
Scania Evan 9th Growth
same here. i use jr. boogie cuz i almost never have to use mp pots!
MapleStory Screen: Request granted <3
Dec 21 11
Windia Luminous 4
I have a Jr. Boogie too.
I want a Mutant Snail though... ;n;
MapleStory Screen: A cozmic appearance
Dec 21 11
Bera Citizen
not everyone can get a mutant snail familiar early in the game
MapleStory Screen: Final attack works with soul blade
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