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Best Familiar Ever

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Loving my Jr. Boogie.

I discovered him completely by accident, passing through Perion...

Although he's a Level 7 familiar, he has got the best skills ever.

Occasional multi-target slow along with 1000 mana recovery every 10 seconds... can anyone say imba?

I just train with magic guard on and I still don't even use a single mana potion on my level 96 Priest!

I challenge someone to find a better familiar :O
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mutant snail! strong att, recovers alot of hp and mp for the whole party. consider yourself beaten
Dec 21 2011
how much mp is it? o_O
Dec 21 2011
red kents continuously heal party members hp and blue heals party members mp
Dec 21 2011
6ppl3m6g3 Level 123 Mardia Jett 4
mutant snail
Dec 21 2011
Problem with mutant snail is that it's level 162 ;P
Dec 21 2011
machoche2 Level 195 Mardia Mechanic 4
Mutant snail, whole parties mp and hp by a large amount. Amount isnt predetermined, its a set of %. it depends onn how much mp or hp u have.
Dec 21 2011
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