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What is the average damage range for a level 110 hermit?

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Dec 30 11
Bera Hermit
Mine is currently 3477-5349, and I need to upgrade a bit
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Jan 08 12
Windia Night Lord
98 with 4,5k range >_>
Jan 08 12
Scania Night Lord
I had 20k range at 110 and people called me weak. lol..
Jan 08 12
Windia Night Lord
Sounds normal, you can upgrade later on when you're higher level
Jan 09 12*
Windia Night Lord
I'm 159 with 15k range, now that's weak. I've still yet to fully convert to other luk% items since I just recently returned. All my stuff is outdated.
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Jan 09 12
Scania Kanna 2
I'm 158 with a puny 10 or 11k range (not quite sure) All my equips are pre big bang, so it's not like I have anything special. I plan on upgrading... It's just a matter of time.
Jan 09 12
Galicia Night Lord
Im lvl 140 with 10-16k no buffs o_O
Jan 09 12
Scania Night Lord
I'm 134 with a range of max 6850. T___T My claw is only 65 ATT and I use Hwabis. I honestly don't know why I'm so low on damage. I have 720 LUK, a 36 LUK and 3% LUK Scar helm, 3% LUK earrings, +2ATT and +5 all shoulder, +40 LUK robe, +9all and 1ATT pendant, +8 LUK shoes, +9ATT and +3 all gloves,
Jan 09 12
Scania Night Lord
CalGrown: Im lvl 140 with 10-16k no buffs o_O

If you dont mind me asking, what equips do you have?
Jan 09 12
Scania Battle Mage 4
im 82 and i only have a 2.3k range max
Jan 10 12
Chaos Shadower
I'm level 161 and I only have a 10k range need to start merching again
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