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Dec 30 11
Broa Kaiser 4
Hey guys,

As you know many people in GMS have been using this new skill.wz edit that allows the familiar to essentially insta-kill the entire map. Now, what I want to know is has anybody actually been banned yet from this? Like, I see some of the same people everyday in Broa training in the same spot just casually and one must wonder, do GM's even know this exists? I haven't read anything on the site about this or anything... I wonder how long it's going to take to patch up. Please let me know if anybody has actually gotten caught from this before. Thanks...
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Dec 30 11
Scania Buccaneer
We play Nexon games.

Nexon does not ban hackers.

Nexon does ban legits.

Since no delay familiar is a hack, these people have not and will not be banned.
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Dec 30 11
Khaini Evan 10th Growth
It will probably be patched during the demon slayer patch possibly
Dec 30 11
Scania Magician
Ten bucks says they're all on vacation or something. The game's in flames right now, but they haven't posted since before Christmas.
I'm just saying.
Dec 30 11
Scania Battle Mage 4
lol i use them hackers to leech
works for me except for jesters though
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Dec 30 11
Windia Mechanic 3
GMs are a myth to scare little script kiddies to eat their veg and CC whenever someone enters the map.
Dec 30 11
Scania Dawn Warrior 3
hmm, gonna test right now
Dec 30 11
Scania Magician
Scratch what I said earlier. Some poor bastard got a permaban for Familiar Hacking. The dude's been legit for four years, and one day he says "SCREW IT, I'm gonna try it" and in those 15 minutes of heavenly bliss he was permabanned.

Here's his thread.
Dec 30 11
Broa I/L Arch Mage
I hate these people, always taking my map. Meh. I just go elsewhere. Good to know what's going round though I guess.
Dec 30 11
Bera Demon Slayer 2
emma1: I've been in same map for two weeks.
No bann
- Confirmed.
Where do you get Familiar Hack
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