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Zakum Jq advice?

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Plz advice on quick ways to do zakum jump quest. Ive never tried using a mount there. can you use one?
Giant potion doesnt work. its like impossible to get high jump. Im not gonna actually jump the quest. ive spent 2 hours almost every day during summer and a few times now and then, never did it.

Posted: January


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Hmmmmmm ....
watch a youtube clip.
be patient

If you cant do it then ... no zakin' for you
silva69Level 149 Scania Shadower
Jan 04 2012
stop every once in awhile. plan to where there is a safe platform.
emtineLevel 187 Scania Luminous 4
Jan 04 2012
Weird. My advise would be to rush through the JQ, you will eventually make it. Just like I did on all my other characters.
AzoraLevel 186 KradiaEMS Shadower
Jan 04 2012
Bring a whole party of Shadowers with you and have them smoke the whole JQ, if u still can't do it then you have no hope.
Jan 04 2012
Jump up and down on a safe platform until you hit a lag spike. Then go further. do this about every 10-15 sec depending on how good your comp is.
Jan 04 2012
there goes my aran mastery books -___-
Teh808MeisterLevel 148 Windia Aran 4
Jan 04 2012
i gave my account to a friend,but if you cant trust anyone i recommended using fly hack or else....
else.... you are gonna quit.... seriously..i almost quit the game cuz of it
Jan 04 2012
There's kind of a server glitch right now for the jq that makes jumping from rope to rope invincible, so even if the boulder falls on you you stay on the rope. If you ever planned on doing the jq, now is the time.

Take a break at safe spots, go watch tv or something then come back. Take off ab ring if it distracts you. Try not to jump too early.
xBigBangLevel 55 Scania Wild Hunter 2
Jan 04 2012
dude, I was just about to do the zak quest too.
what's always helped me is..
go and watch someone on youtube do the jq
then do what they do.
xFaceIessLevel 162 Bera ShadowerJustaway Guild
Jan 04 2012
With the ropes that have the falling rocks, if you climb ALL the way to the top, you don't get hit by the rocks.
PowPowHammerLevel 133 Galicia Bishop
Jan 04 2012
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