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What is the least popular class?

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ivanq4 Level 157 Galicia Bishop
I just wanna know what is the least popular class right so I can make it please tell me your opinions
Posted: January 2012 Permalink


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Evans, Corsairs, and F/P.
I really like my F/P they're alot of fun, good AoE skills, and when you're being ks'ed, you can mist the whole map + tele mastery + decent m.atk range + you could have a full mp3 map to yourself. At Jester's people usually get mad when their is mist everywhere and you do get "shared exp" when someone kills a mob that has been poisoned I think. F/P are the ultimate anti - kser's, and if you know how to use them they are good bosser's because the AoE attacks, mist, etc, aren't affected by a bosses PDR I believe.
Jan 17 2012
it clearly is Buccaneer, i know a lot of Marksmen but just few play bucc
Jan 27 2012
well, depends on the patch
Jan 27 2012
Do WK even exist still? lol
Jan 27 2012
MM or Bucc imo.
Jan 27 2012
Marksman, I/l, F/p, Mechanic, Wild Hunter.
Jan 27 2012
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