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Jan 11 12
Bera Bishop
What skill is that, my DS cabt fly and jump as high as others.
How do they do that ?

Thaniks for your help
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Jan 11 12
Broa Night Lord
I saw one in Broa too
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Jan 11 12
Bera Mercedes 4
i have to know too there is no quest
Jan 11 12
Windia Demon Avenger 4
Isn't quest at Leafe.

It's a quest that makes you fly.
Jan 11 12
Khaini Buccaneer
Jump and hold jump key I think.
Look at patch notes, it's in there.
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Jan 11 12
Bera Bishop
which quest ? How can i get that quest ?
Jan 11 12*
Bera Buccaneer
if you press alt alt then hold down second alt you glide, alt left left/right right you flash jump, alt up up you jump in the air super high. also the flying you see is their MOUNT skill. you all get it, well demon slayers.
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Jan 11 12
Galicia Aran 4
Just open the beginner skill window and look.
Jan 11 12
Bera Mercedes 4
its a mount check it under your skills press the mount button and you can use it
Jan 11 12
Bera Dragon Knight
Glide: jump and jump again in mid air (hold down jump key on second jump)
High jump: Jump and double tap the "up" arrow key
Jag jump; Jump and double tap "left" or "right" arrow keys
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