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Demon slayer quest line

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smilyface400 Level 200 Bera Blade Master
I was wondering if anyone knows what levels the story quests for demon slayer are since they are fun
Posted: January 2012 Permalink


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What a pointless question. Why hardly matters if you're not the proper level and as soon as you hit that level you'll get it.
Jan 13 2012
instead of hatin' give this guy his info.. mainly because i'd like to know the same
Jan 13 2012
Hating? Are you retarded? Why would you ask what levels the quests are? You can just play and see. =_=[/quote]

well thats none of ur business if you think his question is stupid then dont even bother answering the thread...i dont understand why ppl cant just answer the damn questions
Jan 13 2012
None of my business? This is a public forum and I can say whatever I want. And when the question is stupid, I will say whatever I want.

"Herp derp guys I love demon slayer quest lines - when are they? I'm apparently too lazy to just play the class..."[/quote]

Your answer to his thread was even more dumb than the question...If you dont want to help him, why bother posting ?
Jan 13 2012
@herborist: exactly. He didnt ask for an opinion, he just wants an answer and if for whatever reason u dont want to answer his question then dont post because ppl wont stop asking "dumb" questions.

"You're the reason why basil the laughingstock of the maple world." wow your acting like this is world war 3 truly intelligent ppl would do something smart and ignore dumb ppl.and intelligent ppl would not care what the "maple world" thinks of them
Jan 13 2012
@herborist: again.. stop hatin' he just asked a question..
instead of replying you could've let him be..
besides.. some people want to do storyline quests and might want to know if they're near to the next one in levels or not..
again.. instead of hatin' go do something else
Jan 13 2012
Oh holy crap... Another superiority complex nerd. Bro-ham... Just run off to your little friends who think you're sooooo cool and sooooo smart... I'm curious when the next mission comes along too.. Cause I don't plan to play my demonslayer past the storyline arc.

So y'know... stuff it. We all have our reasons for wanting to know... Not that they should matter to you. I'm sorry if "cause they're fun" isn't a complex enough explanation for you, but you really should just shut up and give up.

As for being the "laughing stock" of the "maple world"... All I need to say to that is... Wow.. grow up... get a life... and move on. IT'S A GAME, NOT REAL LIFE. Who cares about what people think of it. Play the game and shut up.

Also... An intelligent person would realize these points and comprehend them... if you can't... READ THIS AGAIN!
Jan 14 2012
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