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How do I enter the portal to Future Henesys?

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WhiteAsIce Level 62 Windia Wind Archer 3
I know that the entrance is at Temple of Time. However, every time I try to enter the portal, it tells me that an unknown force prevents me from entering. What do I have to do to get into that portal?
Posted: January 2012 Permalink


lol i wish it would say that >.>
Jan 24 2012
1. Reach lv160
2. Accept quest from the admin, cassandra, whoever (forgot which npc)
3. Go to time temple, talk to the first npc (monk/priest looking guy)
4. Get a all cure potion for him (You don't really have to, you can just go straight into the portal)
5. Enter the first portal from walking to the right.
6. Once you're in the gate to the future, left side is future ereve, and right side is henesy's ruins.
Jan 24 2012
lilnarutoboy Level 208 Khaini Bishop
@excalobur:I can't wait for 160 then

Do most of the people 160+ train there?
Jan 24 2012
Suzy Level 179 Windia Phantom 4
@lilnarutoboy: No one trains there anymore except for botters because the monsters were revamped making them extremely easy to kill with lower exp.
Jan 24 2012

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