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Evolving ring, lvl 10

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If I have a Lv 9 evolving ring currently, can I still get it to lv 10 and get to tradeable?
Posted: February 2012 Permalink


We have until tomorrow right? I have one more day, and I can get it to lv 10? :o
Feb 05 2012
AReynante Level 208 Khaini Dark Knight
I don't know the end date for the quest, because I was in and out of Maple during these crashes, but I would assume so.

As long as you are at Lv. 9 right now, and the last day is tomorrow up until 11:59 pm, then yes.
Feb 05 2012
RMachado Level 94 Scania Demon Slayer 3
If I'm correct:
If on the 6th of February your ring is level 9 it will become 10 and tradable
So tomorrow talk to Gaga and it should make your ring tradable
Feb 05 2012
What above post said.
What I interpreted from site is that once it's 2/6, you can level up your level 10 ring to tradable (waste), or you can level up your level 9 ring **AND** make it tradable simultaneously. It's just like last event. And the event before that.
You can either level a 10 ring to tradable or make a level 9 ring level 10 AND tradable on last day. So if your ring is level 9 now, I think you should skip today and wait until tomorrow.
Feb 05 2012
IliekAranDx Level 208 Scania Kaiser 4
I'm not sure if it'll upgrade your ring AND make it tradeable at the same time, but definitely tradeable.
Feb 05 2012;amp;contentNo=00DWW&pageIndex=1

They said this:"When the box turns into a potion, return to Gaga and ask for an upgrade to increase the ring by 1 level **and** to make it tradable, or just to make it tradable if it's already at level 10."
Feb 05 2012
All in all, I can get a lvl 10 tradeable ring , right? That's all I want to know. lol
Feb 05 2012

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