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Evolving ring, lvl 10

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If I have a Lv 9 evolving ring currently, can I still get it to lv 10 and get to tradeable?
Posted: February


I got mine to Lv.10 today (2/5) but I am pretty sure we can't make it tradable. (Quest says come back on 1/31)
AReynanteReynanteHeal - Level 157
Feb 05 2012
We have until tomorrow right? I have one more day, and I can get it to lv 10? :o
Feb 05 2012
I don't know the end date for the quest, because I was in and out of Maple during these crashes, but I would assume so.

As long as you are at Lv. 9 right now, and the last day is tomorrow up until 11:59 pm, then yes.
AReynanteReynanteHeal - Level 157
Feb 05 2012
If I'm correct:
If on the 6th of February your ring is level 9 it will become 10 and tradable
So tomorrow talk to Gaga and it should make your ring tradable
RMachadoUahah - Level 122 Scania
Feb 05 2012
What above post said.
What I interpreted from site is that once it's 2/6, you can level up your level 10 ring to tradable (waste), or you can level up your level 9 ring bAND[/b] make it tradable simultaneously. It's just like last event. And the event before that.
You can either level a 10 ring to tradable or make a level 9 ring level 10 AND tradable on last day. So if your ring is level 9 now, I think you should skip today and wait until tomorrow.
Feb 05 2012
I'm not sure if it'll upgrade your ring AND make it tradeable at the same time, but definitely tradeable.
IliekAranDxCozing - Level 86 Scania
Feb 05 2012

They said this:"When the box turns into a potion, return to Gaga and ask for an upgrade to increase the ring by 1 level band[/b] to make it tradable, or just to make it tradable if it's already at level 10."
Feb 05 2012
All in all, I can get a lvl 10 tradeable ring , right? That's all I want to know. lol
Feb 05 2012

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