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I cant get the Demon slayer 4th job advancement

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lilyoyo12 Level 152 Scania Phantom 4
I haven't done all that cats quest so maybe that's the prob but other than that I don't know why I can't job adv...

Any suggestions?
Posted: February 2012 Permalink


Pereeia Level 211 Windia Zero Transcendent
When the cat asks you about your training you gotta answer 'No'.
Feb 09 2012
lilyoyo12 Level 152 Scania Phantom 4
Thanks guys for being really helpful!
Feb 09 2012
Mapledude22 Level 168 Broa Kaiser 4
just say no when the cat asks how your training is!
Feb 09 2012
i took me a while to find out also that i had to press "no" ...
Feb 09 2012
I felt like an idiot at that point on my DS...
Feb 09 2012
omgog guys i tried doing every thing i waited a week then i found this and i said no! orah!
Feb 11 2012

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