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I cant get the Demon slayer 4th job advancement

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lilyoyo12 Level 152 Scania Phantom 4
I haven't done all that cats quest so maybe that's the prob but other than that I don't know why I can't job adv...

Any suggestions?
Posted: February 2012 Permalink
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Pereeia Level 210 Windia Zero Transcendent
When the cat asks you about your training you gotta answer 'No'.
Feb 09 2012
NinjaCars Level 193 Khaini Shadower
There is this question where you must awsner **no** to him instead of yes.
It's weird I know...
Feb 09 2012
lilyoyo12 Level 152 Scania Phantom 4
Thanks guys for being really helpful!
Feb 09 2012
Mapledude22 Level 168 Broa Kaiser 4
just say no when the cat asks how your training is!
Feb 09 2012
i took me a while to find out also that i had to press "no" ...
Feb 09 2012
I felt like an idiot at that point on my DS...
Feb 09 2012
omgog guys i tried doing every thing i waited a week then i found this and i said no! orah!
Feb 11 2012

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