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Where is the best place to find Heartstones/Gold Flowers?
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Feb 13 12
Scania Blade Recruit
As title says: Where's the best place to find such things?
Feb 13 12
Galicia Hero
Any and every map that spawns either veins of herb patches.
Feb 13 12
Broa Night Lord
there is no answer for that they just spawn randomly
One day i found 27 gold flowers through all 19 channels at orbis cloud parks
the next day omega sector
another day orbis tower
another day at that one edelstein map with the big boulders or something
Feb 13 12*
Bera Demon Slayer 4
Just go and casually walk without a purpose around random maps, you will find them. I always find them but sadly I don't have a profession
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Feb 13 12*
Bellocan Shadower
I find them more often at certain places, Kerning Mall, Amoria, the target dummy area in Mu Lung, the maps before you get inside the clocktower in ludi, the map Bamboo Scroll Warrior spawns on in Herb Town for example. But yes they can technically be on any map with herbs/veins.
Feb 13 12
Khaini Night Lord
Nyekun: Any and every map that spawns either veins of herb patches.

What this lady said.

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