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Experience w/ Miracle cubes and Legend cubes

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Feb 13 12
Mardia Priest
So today i went to buy nx and i used it to buy 21 legend cubes. I used all of them on my gloves and it.....WAS STILL FREGGIN RARE . I thought nexon was ripping me off so i decided to buy 11 regular cubes. First 4 cubes turned my gloves epic . Next 5 cubes turned my gloves to unquie .... and the next 2 cubes gave me decent SE So overall
Regular cubes > Legend cubes (but ill start using the legend cubes to get legend stats >.>
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Feb 13 12
Bera Hermit
Why would you use Legendary Cubes on a rare item? Seems like a waste of 700x21=14700 NX to me.
Feb 13 12
Bera Evan 10th Growth
It's funny how you're trying to make an absolute statement based off experience.
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Feb 13 12
Bera Hermit
Regular cubes are 1,200 NX, legendary cubes are 1,900 NX iirc
Feb 13 12
Scania Buccaneer
Only use Super cubes on Uniques. Regular or Premium on rare/epics
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Feb 13 12
Windia Mercedes 4
It's called probability.
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Feb 13 12
Scania Angelic Buster 4
activityyy: Why would you use Legendary Cubes on a rare item? Seems like a waste of 700x21=14700 NX to me.

don't listen to this guy...he doesn't know what he is talking about. I got my glove from rare-epic in 2 legend cubes. What i would do is use legend cubes on rare items till they turn epic since it has a higher chance. THen use regular cubes to get to unique since legend and regular cubes have the same probibility from turning epic>unique(or so i have been told). THen once unique, legend cube it.
Feb 13 12
Scania Corsair
took me 10 supers to get my overall from rare to unique o_0
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Feb 13 12
Scania Mercedes 4
I used 11.. still rare :

I used 50k nx worth of PMC's... Still 2L T_T Atleast its unique :
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Feb 13 12
Bera Hermit
I'd rather use 32 or 33 cubes instead of 21 cubes tbh.
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