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Experience w/ Miracle cubes and Legend cubes

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So today i went to buy nx and i used it to buy 21 legend cubes. I used all of them on my gloves and it.....WAS STILL FREGGIN RARE >.<. I thought nexon was ripping me off so i decided to buy 11 regular cubes. First 4 cubes turned my gloves epic . Next 5 cubes turned my gloves to unquie .... and the next 2 cubes gave me decent SE So overall
Regular cubes > Legend cubes (but ill start using the legend cubes to get legend stats >.>
Posted: February


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Why would you use Legendary Cubes on a rare item? Seems like a waste of 700x21=14700 NX to me.
Feb 13 2012
It's funny how you're trying to make an absolute statement based off experience.
GazimoEnthraMithosEnthra - Level 146 Demon Slayer 4
Feb 13 2012
Regular cubes are 1,200 NX, legendary cubes are 1,900 NX iirc
Feb 13 2012
Only use Super cubes on Uniques. Regular or Premium on rare/epics
YouAzleHatersIayer - Level 159 Scania Wild Hunter 4
Feb 13 2012
It's called probability.
Feb 13 2012
Why would you use Legendary Cubes on a rare item? Seems like a waste of 700x21=14700 NX to me.[/quote]

don't listen to this guy...he doesn't know what he is talking about. I got my glove from rare-epic in 2 legend cubes. What i would do is use legend cubes on rare items till they turn epic since it has a higher chance. THen use regular cubes to get to unique since legend and regular cubes have the same probibility from turning epic>unique(or so i have been told). THen once unique, legend cube it.
Feb 13 2012
took me 10 supers to get my overall from rare to unique o_0
wolf9891XenoLuster - Level 141 Scania Bishop
Feb 13 2012
I used 11.. still rare :

I used 50k nx worth of PMC's... Still 2L T_T Atleast its unique :
VitaminMmmVitaminMmm - Level 200 Scania Mercedes 4
Feb 13 2012
I would rather use 21 cubes with a higher probability chance. Quality>quantity with limited resources
Feb 13 2012
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