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what were the Stronghold prequests again?

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Pereeia Level 211 Windia Zero Transcendent
ss or bs[/quote]

SS or BS to you too.

OT: I believe you had to talk to Chief Alex for the prequests. It's like ToT unlocking maps.
Feb 19 2012
ss or bs[/quote]
1.That sentence is typed so many times the only thing it proves is that you can't thing of anything new.
2.I don't get how that is relevant to his question
Feb 19 2012
Alchemy1234 Level 202 Windia Xenon 4
1st u got to do the quest scouting the stronghold and then piercing the defenses (both quests are +165)[/quote]

anything after that? cause now im given 3 quests by Chief Stan's son. or can i go thru stronghold now
Feb 19 2012
You need to 170 to get the other quests to go there.
Feb 19 2012
dangsta12345 Level 177 Scania Paladin
@Alchemy1234: after piercing the defenses u get the emblem and thats the only thing that u need to get in
Feb 19 2012

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