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1k nx how many mesos? And the best way to sell.

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So i got like 3k nx leftover, don't need it and im in need of money. What is the price for 1k NX in EMS Kradia, and what is the best way to sell it/not get scammed?

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Hmk, how much do they sell for?
Feb 22 2012
xLikeNoOther Level 227 Bera Shadower
He's in Europe Maple Story, I think the rates compared to Global is going to be a looooot different.
Feb 22 2012
Last time i did this, got 90 mill for 5k cuz i got scammed twice :l
Feb 22 2012
abilas26 Level 142 Bera Thunder Breaker 4
Go on a Zak/Scar (CZak/HT if you're somewhat funded and have friends willing to do it), get a helm, SoK it and sell it.
W/e the ratio is in your world, say 1:50, so make the helm around 160-170m.
Feb 22 2012
Ems is like 1:40 but i got scammed twice so i stop selling nx :l
Feb 22 2012
Well someone paid me first, then i gave him it and he wanted more, but pay after and i thought it was legit so i gave him and he ran away.. happened twice :l anyway i still got 100m out of it so
Feb 22 2012
thievspwnu Level 168 KradiaEMS Night Lord
only sell to people from well known guilds.
they will want nx 1st but the risk of getting scammed is almost 0.
Feb 22 2012
I did sell it to someone from a wellknown guild, and he still scammed me so this is the last time i tried it :S
Feb 22 2012
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