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What is the best class using Dex in terms of survivability

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Feb 26 12
Scania Corsair
So I have those exp potions from the legend characters and I want to make a new character using them. Since I already have Dex% equips I want to make a character that can use them as well. The dilemma I'm facing though, is that I don't want another character, that like BMs has very low hp. So what class would be the best option in your opinion?

And by classes I mean not only archers but any other class with their primary stat as dex, such as corsairs.

Thanks guys
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Feb 26 12
Bera Buccaneer
I'd say Corsair.
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Feb 26 12
Windia Night Lord
I believe that you, sir, have answered your own question. Go with Sair (:
Feb 26 12
Windia Wild Hunter 4
Mechanic? loool
Feb 26 12
Bera Bow Master
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Feb 26 12
Scania Bow Master
All the dex classes so far are ranged, and by definition have low hp.
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Feb 26 12
Khaini Kaiser 4
Wild hunters? I have one and they are really nice in terms of mobbing and damage. Survivability is okay, u get stance effect. And WH will be boosted after the new patch. Also mechs use dex. VERY GOOD, however mechs get a lot of hate. Sairs have lowish hp, but are fun. U could make a cygnus, and use the pots to help u get a UE too. Hope I helped.
Feb 26 12
Bera Demon Slayer 4
I'd say Mech is your best bet.
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Feb 26 12
Windia Shade 4
Feb 26 12
Arcania Chief Bandit
In terms of survivabilty, DON'T PICK CORSAIR. I've died so many times and used up so many hp potions you wouldn't believe.
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