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What is the best class using Dex in terms of survivability

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So I have those exp potions from the legend characters and I want to make a new character using them. Since I already have Dex% equips I want to make a character that can use them as well. The dilemma I'm facing though, is that I don't want another character, that like BMs has very low hp. So what class would be the best option in your opinion?

And by classes I mean not only archers but any other class with their primary stat as dex, such as corsairs.

Thanks guys
Posted: February


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I'd say Corsair.
AznzxBloodLevel 180 Zenith Phantom 4
Feb 26 2012
I believe that you, sir, have answered your own question. Go with Sair (:
Feb 26 2012
Mechanic? loool
CountOnMe2Level 222 Windia Wild Hunter 4
Feb 26 2012
xnightrLevel 104 Bera Bow Master
Feb 26 2012
All the dex classes so far are ranged, and by definition have low hp.
ketchup11Level 186 Scania Bow Master
Feb 26 2012
Wild hunters? I have one and they are really nice in terms of mobbing and damage. Survivability is okay, u get stance effect. And WH will be boosted after the new patch. Also mechs use dex. VERY GOOD, however mechs get a lot of hate. Sairs have lowish hp, but are fun. U could make a cygnus, and use the pots to help u get a UE too. Hope I helped.
Feb 26 2012
I'd say Mech is your best bet.
dracox5234Level 202 Bera Demon Slayer 4
Feb 26 2012
MSmasteLevel 13 Scania
Feb 26 2012
In terms of survivabilty, DON'T PICK CORSAIR. I've died so many times and used up so many hp potions you wouldn't believe.
Feb 26 2012
Mech! I actually enjoy seeing them now that they've been replaced by Mercs and Slayers. They're bound to be a little more survivable than other DEX classes, I'd imagine.

Wild Hunters seem like a lot of fun though.

Corsair? Not so sure, but I have faith in the class's future.
Feb 26 2012
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