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Chance to get 3 lines vs 2 lines

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Through your experiences how often do you get 3 line equip compared to 2 lined?

is it hard to get 3 line?

PLUS , DO ITEMS ALWAYS COME OUT AS RARE? or can they be epic/unique as well? THANK YOU!
Posted: March 2012 Permalink

Chance to get 3 lines vs 2 lines

0%0 / 13about 50%
61%8 / 13less than 33%
38%5 / 13more than 66%


Legendary tier is not possible from the first magnifying glass reveal. The only way is to use a super miracle cube (whatever it is called). Once legendary rank is reached, only that cube can be used on the item.
Mar 14 2012
popsicklezzz Level 171 Scania Kaiser 4
you can get epic/unique on first magnifying glass.
btw, can anyone tell me if its possible to get legendary on 1st try too? o:[/quote]
nah, that's why they had to make specific cubes for legendary teir
Mar 14 2012
StellarAshes Level 200 Scania Mercedes 4
I think 3L chance is about the same as the Premium Cube chance, which was either 20 or 25%.

You can get epic/unique on first reveal (though less likely, obviously).
Mar 14 2012
xAy0xEricX Level 164 Bera Phantom 4
From my experience its about 1 in every 5-7 tries. So 15-20%
Note: I've tried about 1000 times =p
Mar 14 2012
wow thanks guys makes me feel better, and when you say you can get epic/unique on first pot, its not possible to go from rare --> unique right?
Mar 14 2012
oh even better news .... thanks a bunch everybody!
Mar 14 2012
if it was revealed to be unique, it means it didnt go from rare -> uniq, it started off being uniq
Mar 14 2012

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