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Nlc, cannot enter bigger ben

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hey all,

whenever I try to enter bigger ben in NLC, I get this message

cannot enter the device is regenrating

How do I enter bigger ben?

Posted: March 2012 Permalink


LEGENDairy Level 112 Scania Wind Archer 3
Wait till it's regenerated? I'm guessing that after this patch, the old NLC may return...or not..
Mar 17 2012
SacredSealed Level 191 Bera Shadower
hyper tele rock, family tele, or go secret passage from lukan to tagrins place, just upwards, then go right twice and ur at wolf spiders.
this was pre-masteria update tho.
cant find lukan or john.
Mar 17 2012
You can't go in cause it's destroyed and you can't get out if you were already in it without teleporting
Mar 17 2012
SacredSealed Level 191 Bera Shadower
Lukan to Targain? Those guys from teh sub map?[/quote]

yeah, just the ABOVE portal from taggrin.
unless u are a mech,, ds,, cs,, or evan, u have to go thru randomizing or from lukan.
this was pre-patchforthispatchkthxbai
Mar 17 2012

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