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Pic Reset turned into Pin Reset

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Basically title says it all. I wanted to change my PIC, but when I logged into the game, it asked me for my PIN.. Which wad something I had a long time ago. It's not the same PIN I had before, so it didn't work =___=. Now I can't log into my account. Does anyone know how to magically fix this - besides sending a ticket in (because it takes at least weeks for them to answer back..)? thank you!
ChooLevel 54 Windia I/L Wizard
Posted: March


They send you a new one thru email I think
EvilSantaLevel 210 Arcania Mercedes 4
Mar 31 2012

Read first bullet in "Known Issues".
JeffieAranLevel 200 Galicia Mercedes 4
Mar 31 2012

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