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New BasilMarket Frontpage

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Apr 17 12
Broa Jett 4
Greetings Basilers, I hope you've all been enjoying the latest patches and fun events in the game.

In the spirit of spring cleaning I've updated the frontpage. We've put a lot of work into focusing on the sections that you use most while re-organizing the parts that you use less. Read on for details.

Screens & Videos
I'm sure you'll agree that the screens and videos rank very highly in terms of importance. It's always great to see all of your artwork, achievements and fun (or weird) finds. Naturally, it makes sense to give these sections the most attention which we've done via the new frontpage 'media bar'. This should go a long way towards showcasing and thanking those of you who put a lot of work into your screens and videos.

This new bar has some great functions. If you're in a rush, hover your mouse over the dots to see thumbnails of the other media. Otherwise, just sit back and let the screens/videos flip through on its own, giving you a quick view of the latest content. Hover your mouse over the media bar to pause the automation if you want to have a closer click. And of course click the bar itself to view the full version.

The old forum format was messy to say the least. This new view gives priority to that content which has a good amount of replies. There are enough Basilers that there's no great fear that we'll see a drop in replies to those threads which don't have frontpage-worthy activity. This new method is more relevant and better organized. We'll keep an eye on how reply behaviour changes and update the code as necessary to make sure that your questions and thoughts get the attention they deserve.

Otherwise, the rest is all there and in the same format you're used to.

Thanks for Basiling, enjoy!
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Apr 17 12*
Scania Cannoneer 2
Apr 17 12
Broa Phantom 4
Good work.
Apr 17 12*
Broa Blade Master
Wow literally just changed xD
Looks like chat section is missing, bring it back to front page please.
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Apr 17 12
Scania Mercedes 3
How do I hide the video/screens. I come here for information not terrible drawings
Apr 17 12*
Scania Evan 10th Growth
Reconcile Guild
I think even I did better, and hopefully other basilers will try as well.

Oh dear good lord where do I start. Surely a lot of other people below me have stated their discomfort with this new frontpage, but I feel it's my duty to throw some fuel to the fire in the world of BasilMarket.

My initial response was "Holy mother of God... what the hell happened here?". I always wish to let everything sink in before I actually start judging anything. Now that it has, it is time for my piece of mind. At first I wondered if this was actually user friendlier than before. After adjusting a little, I do have to say no. It isn't user friendlier at all.

Basilmarket was always a very easy to navigate website, but with flaws. Nothing too much could be said to be wrong with the previous design, except for flaws in the usability of the screen/video section and the amount of threads actually shown.

Let's start with the sections display.

Right now I see a total of 6 sections. May I ask, whatever happened to the other 3? They were popular enough if you ask me? However why didn't they make the cut? Why is it that I am currently forced to see a massive amount of posts of at least 4 sections I don't care for?

I am a mage, and wish to see the mage section. I like the general section for keeping myself up to date and I like the chat section for having the art section and random threads I can laugh at. However one of the sections I normally view is gone and the other two are burried underneath sections I don't care for? I don't want to see 4 massive blocks with information about classes I don't even play. Why is this being shoved down my throat?

The space is not being used wisely. Everything is too big for the amount of information actually displayed. We never needed previews of what is actually inside of a thread, we were all used to hovering it to see it, or we would simply click. Yet here we are with exerpts of content we don't care about, meaning we have to see even more of the sections we don't want to see, before seeing our own.

Nothing was wrong with the old design of the sections. We just needed more content shown in there. Yet here we are with less content shown. Something's wrong with that! People suggested more threads to be added to it, not less!

Use space wisely Mr.Basil, because right now it's all wrong.

Mrbasil: "I'm sure you'll agree that the screens and videos rank very highly in terms of importance."

Indeed, I agree. However you didn't improve it or give it more importance. You know what I wanted to see? A fair front page with the ability to easily navigate to the non-frontpaged content. What you did however is only make one frontpage position available. Nobody will really slide through it. Only the first image/video will get attention. Good job on limiting the front page even more. There's the same amount of positions, yet video and screens is combined. It's a slider so you don't have an overview so people only see the first image.

Mrbasil: "This new bar has some great functions. If you're in a rush, hover your mouse over the dots to see thumbnails of the other media."

Great functions? It's a regular JS slider. Nothing special. This is something we get in the first week of Javascript classes, excluding the database functionality. If I'm in a rush, I prefer seeing the old thumbnails which didn't force me to spend more time in hovering them all one by one.

No mister Basil, this website lacks functionality and usability. Something I expected from you more than from anyone. You're a great developer/designer when it comes to the web. Gosh, I even heard Ivan give you praise. What the hell happened here?

Some people don't even wish to see some of the so called "garbage" you place on the frontpage. Yet half of their page is obscurred by it. You already have a header, no need to make another image heavy size eater.

About the sidebar? I'm not even going to get started on the colors clashing and the drop shadow. And most wanted items? That's a bit out of date don't you think...?

I don't say this often, however I think, I could have done this better myself, excluding the functionality.

Finally I'd like to quote a very wise comment:

DrHye: There's no need to fix things that aren't broken >_>

I apologize for spelling errors. I am in a rush.
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Apr 17 12
Scania Hero
wow so different
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Apr 17 12
Mardia Corsair
I hate it
Apr 17 12
Nova Luminous 4
Browsing front page
Apr 17 12*
Bera Shadower
EDIT: nvm. Should be an auction list on the side bar.
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