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Phantom Skill Stealing Guide

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I saw many guide and video that show wich stolen skill use phantom, so I decided to make my own build . In this build, you gonna see my opinion and why you should use these skill!

First Job :

Magic Guard: If your too poor to afford pots, use this. (Magic Guard is more usefull when bossing)
Haste: Use this if you don't care about pots. (Haste is more usefull when training)

Second Job:

Bless,Rage,Mental Clarity: All of them give a boost of 30Atk (Bossing & Training)
Thunder Bolt: If you can 1hit monster, this skill pwn ass ! (Training)

Third Job:

Holy Symbol: % BONUS EXP (Training)
Combo Atk: More % Atk (Better for bossing)

Fourth Job:

Sharp Eye: % Dmg and % Critical (Good for training)
Rapid Fire: Pro bossing skill (Good for bossing)

That what im gonna use.!
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popsicklezzz Level 171 Scania Kaiser 4
to me, I'll just steal somersault kick/Magic Claw just to get by 10-30 :
the other 2 i'll just get either Iron Body or Magic Armor

and isnt Thunder Bolt an Evan Skill?
second Job is basically Just Mental clarity till the Mihile update cus Mental Clairty is the only att skill that stacks with others from those 3
backups I suggest Threaten to lower defence, Poison breath for DOT, and hyperbody if t's absolutely neccesary

Obviously HS and CA, third should be Magic Crash

4th job
-Pirate Style solo
-Rapid Fire
May 06 2012
Thunder Bolt is also and originally a IceLighting mages 2nd job skill
May 06 2012
It's a decent guide, 2nd job stealing gives you 4 skill slots

I think I'll go for Hyper body for the 60% boost since decent HB get's dispelled nowadays anyway.

Other than that, thank you I'll be taking this for my phantom ^_^
May 06 2012
johny2toes Level 160 Bera Wild Hunter 4
I think you should learn what a guide actually is...

Anyway your steal skill build is rather on the poor side.

Namely... Rage and Thunderbolt is a waste of time getting.

2nd job you should get Bless, Mental Clarity, and Meso Guard.
Meso Guard for starters is better then Magic Guard + will help you way more at bosses without losing out on MP pots.
Mental Clarity and Bless stack with eachother and you won't have to worry about others raging at you for canceling out their atk pots from Rage.

3rd job is when you should get a mage atk skill for MPQ that way you can kill the monsters when they have 1/1 dmg on Wep atk.
So a good set of skills in 3rd is Holy Symbol, Combo Attack, Crash (You neglected this as it's one of the best boss skills a Phantom can get), and either Shining Ray or Ice Strike or Fire Explosion.

As for 4th it's better to get Pirate Style and just have Decent SE as your dmg out-put is much higher that way.
May 06 2012
Ohh true, rage cancel other buff so yeah. Bless and Mental Clarity for 2nd job!
May 06 2012
ThatBox Level 146 Windia Aran 4
kinda sucks they can only take adventurer skills, but at the same time the other classes have all kinds of weird things that would make it hard.
May 06 2012
unit1kcv Level 160 Scania Aran 4
kinda sucks they can only take adventurer skills, but at the same time the other classes have all kinds of weird things that would make it hard.[/quote]

are you sure i never saw that i only saw that u canot steal Cannoneer and DB skills, but maybe i didnt read

also i have heard people sayng u can only have attack skills, no buffs, but again i could be wrong
May 06 2012
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