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Excessively Charming Quest help please
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May 16 12
Bera Kaiser 3
Where do I get a Rose Clipping for this quest? I have been digging up plants for 3 days now, and nothing. Is there a certain plant that drops the Rose? Or a certain spot?
May 16 12
Mardia Mercedes 4
Just keep picking the plants or buy it in FM. It's a rare drop. I found mine on my mech and never knew what it was for. Luckily I kept it on my mule lol.
May 16 12
Bera Shadower
Just buy it @ fm.
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May 16 12
Scania I/L Wizard
Anyone know how much they are? I have 3 that I would like to sell
May 16 12
Galicia Mihile 4
I heard there was a vendor in henesys selling roses........ otherwise start shoveling
May 16 12*
Windia Battle Mage 4
chudi: I heard there was a vendor in henesys selling roses........ otherwise start shoveling

those are pocket item the one he want is an etc item tht is used for mercedes to have the pocket slot
May 16 12
Windia Dark Knight
In Windia, they go for about 5m. Hope that helps
May 17 12
Broa Mercedes 4
Yeh, they aren't that expensive to buy if you can find them.

But it took me about a week. shoveling all sorts of plants to find one. About 30 mins a day ( Work cut into alot of time). but yeh good luck it's a pain. Unless your just lucky
May 17 12
Bera Kaiser 3
okay; thanks everyone.

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