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Where is Leviathan?

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I am finishing up my Leafre card set, and all I need left is Leviathan and Horntail. can someone please tell me what map it spawns on? Thank you
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Pereeia Level 211 Windia Zero Transcendent
Go to the map where Raul the Knight is in. Jump a little lower (I think) and find those giant thorns. Enter the hidden street.
Jun 05 2012
draginattack Level 170 Windia Phantom 4
If your in Canada, go to Wonderland
Jun 05 2012
x1mmortality Level 202 Scania Phantom 4
If your in Canada, go to Wonderland[/quote]

Going there this friday.(:

Vaughn btw.
Jun 05 2012
too late dean winchester killed it.
Jun 05 2012
Fryber Level 205 Khaini Battle Mage 4 Lift Guild
Leviathan? They inside purgatory, duh.[/quote]

Umineko reference?
Jun 05 2012
Umineko reference?[/quote]

I've no idea what a umineko reference is...
Jun 05 2012
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