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Can I get a P/c on a Night Ravens Wing?

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deathprinny Level 166 Broa Shadower
Title. The stats are STR: +1 and Wep ATT: 97. Thanks in advance!
Posted: June 2012 Permalink


deathprinny Level 166 Broa Shadower
Jun 20 2012
Silverk92 Level 145 Yellonde Dark Knight
Is it clean?
Jun 20 2012
lansh Level 150 Arcania Buccaneer
maybe 50-100m
Jun 20 2012
deathprinny Level 166 Broa Shadower
Yeah, it's clean.
@above: SERIOUSLY? I bought it for 5m! If you're not trolling (which I seriously hope you aren't) I'm gonna be very happy!
Jun 20 2012

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