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New Gms Phantom Stolen Skill Build

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Jun 23 12
Galicia Phantom 4
Because GMS is not getting the pirate revamp or so it seems like it, us fellow phantom have to come up with another build.
My current build would be
1st job-Haste,Magic Guard
2nd job-Rage(No mental clarity) and threaten
3rd job-Holy Symbol, Combo Attack, Magic Crash
4th job-Sharp Eyes and Chain lightning

If you have any other build idea's comment below

EDIT:So we get Pirate Revamp, the best build would probably be this.
1st job-Haste,Magic Guard(Idk i really wouldn't use it much)
2nd job-Mental Clarity and threaten
3rd Job-Holy Symbol(Solo Training), Combo attack(Bossing and Such), Magic Crash (4 all the dumb(azz) people out there we use it and switch back to combo attack)
4th job-Rapid Fire(Smexy 330% dmg when maxed), PirateStyle/Sharp Eyes (Discuss on which one is better)
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New thread Replies
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Jun 23 12
Scania F/P Mage
Ummmm pirates ARE getting their revamp. Just not at the same time as thieves, because theyre hated by Nexon
Jun 23 12
Bera Corsair
Do you really think Nexon will change its programming just because they didn't revamp Pirates.
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Jun 23 12*
Windia Blade Master
MyGunner: Do you really think Nexon will change its programming just because they didn't revamp Pirates.
Phantom skill stolen skills extrapolate their information from the original skill tables used by the job.
Nexon doesn't need to do any coding to change phantom skills, which is why they change automatically each time nexon revamps adventurers in KMS.
Also this means you can barely use any pirate skills as you can steal boat and cannon, but you can't steal both at once. Same for transform.
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Jun 23 12
Windia Wild Hunter 4
ZestySoup: We get the pirate revamp later this summer... page 1 and 2. Look at Girasol's posts.

People are ignoring this. F3
Jun 23 12
Scania Blade Master
EmpireSun can u teach me how evasion works ?
Jun 23 12
Scania Phantom 4
what would be better to take, rapid fire or hurricane.
Jun 23 12
Zenith Phantom 4
XMatXZerkX: They have like 90% avoid (Maybe 95) i forgot. I know its in the 90's
No, because it's not additive. There's an avoid chance and then there's an dodge chance. There's the beginner skill which gives 20% dodge chance. There's also the first job skill that gives you another 20% dodge chance. Then there's the third job skill that gives 30% avoid chance. Then there's the fourth job skill that adds another 20% avoid.
So basically you have 50% chance to dodge and 40% chance to avoid. Next, you take the percentages to not dodge AND not avoid and multiply then to get a 20% chance to actually be hit. From there, you just subtract that from 100% to get 80%.
Jun 23 12
Broa Luminous 4
magic guard would be completely useless to a non mage
Jun 24 12
Zenith Phantom 4
axel255: magic guard would be completely useless to a non mage
Why is that?
Jun 24 12
Scania Mercedes 3
etcox: Why is that?

The lack of MP on a non mage is killer, but thats why Jr. Boogies are usefull
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