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Jun 25 12
Windia Wind Archer 2
I don`t have the skill angel ray i just bought an angel ray book to up it to level 20. Do i need to buy a skill book to unlock the skill as well or something?

Thanks in advance.
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Jun 25 12
Khaini Bishop
Do the run w/ your guild or friend who have done it and make sure there a another bishop to resurrect you if you die.
Jun 25 12
Scania Marksman
iareKEVIN: You need to get the actually skill first.
To do that just kill zakum with a party.
It has a nice drop rate so it wouldn't be that hard.
After you get get angel ray to level five then you can use ar 20. :]

^ To add onto that, you also have to finish all of the Zakum pre-quests before you can actually go with a group of friends/your guild. The jump quest is commonly difficult for people and I do not recommend getting someone to do it for you unless there is a reputable person that is known to be 100% trustable for doing the JQ for others. Personally I used to do it for people but I kinda stopped since I'm lazy and off to do other things. Either way though, I'd recommend you to keep trying for the JQ (it took me 4 hours to do it for my first time with some friends but after that, it was doused down to 30 minutes to 10 minutes for the present day)

I highly recommend that you do NOT buy an SoK unless you keep d/cing/dying due to constant lag from zak or you simply cannot do the JQ at all despite the amount of time + effort you put into it.
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Jun 25 12
Windia Kaiser 4
As long as you don't lag in zak run you'll be fine ...although i lagged like crap and died
Jun 25 12
Bera Bishop
or if you have money, you can buy one that has been SoK'd
Jun 25 12
Windia Wind Archer 2
Ok thanks guys! Helped me out a lot. My neighbour/ really good friend is good at jump quests i might ask him to do it for me!

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