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Jett Core Aura

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WorkOfArt Level 165 Windia F/P Arch Mage
So I logged on my Jett again, and saw that my Core Aura went from +9~+12 all stats/atk/m.atk to +3 all stats/atk/m.atk.

When I double click it, there's a small button that says "Enhance." It opens up a small inventory space, but I don't know what to use.

EDIT: In the cash shop, I just saw a "Supernova Dust." Does this mean Jett's stats can only change with NX?...

EDIT2: Since I had 387 Maple Points left, I purchased a Supernova Dust. It rose the ATK to 13, DEX to 15, LUK to 13, and INT to 4. It only lasts one day, but I don't know what will happen after that one day.
Posted: June 2012 Permalink


Jett's stats change every day. Unless you purchase that cash shop item that freezes it for a while. Don't remember what it's called or how long it works.
Jun 29 2012
AfroAmerican Level 150 Scania Wild Hunter 4
I've been finding lots of those dust things killing random el nath mobs...and jetts link skill just doesn't seem worth the nx...
Jun 29 2012
Poison mushrooms at mushking empire drop the dust too.
Jun 29 2012
That's the link skill? Now im definitely not making a Jett.
Jun 29 2012
How do i see the stats of my core?
Jun 29 2012

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