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Jett Core Aura

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So I logged on my Jett again, and saw that my Core Aura went from +9~+12 all stats/atk/m.atk to +3 all stats/atk/m.atk.

When I double click it, there's a small button that says "Enhance." It opens up a small inventory space, but I don't know what to use.

EDIT: In the cash shop, I just saw a "Supernova Dust." Does this mean Jett's stats can only change with NX?...

EDIT2: Since I had 387 Maple Points left, I purchased a Supernova Dust. It rose the ATK to 13, DEX to 15, LUK to 13, and INT to 4. It only lasts one day, but I don't know what will happen after that one day.
WorkOfArtMissUnnie - Level 57 Battle Mage 2
Posted: June


Jett's stats change every day. Unless you purchase that cash shop item that freezes it for a while. Don't remember what it's called or how long it works.
Jun 29 2012
I think there also an in game item that makes the stat last for 7days
Jun 29 2012
There are drops from 151+ monsters that raise it.
KrimoralKrimoral - Level 200 Shadower
Jun 29 2012
I've been finding lots of those dust things killing random el nath mobs...and jetts link skill just doesn't seem worth the nx...
AfroAmericanScepterReign - Level 100 Scania Demon Slayer 3
Jun 29 2012
Poison mushrooms at mushking empire drop the dust too.
Jun 29 2012
The solidifier can freeze it for 30 days (1500 nx).
There are also 7 day ones I've seen for 5mil-ish laying around in FM.
ShiningStarWarmAndCozy - Level 59 Brawler
Jun 29 2012
That's the link skill? Now im definitely not making a Jett.
Jun 29 2012
How do i see the stats of my core?
Jun 29 2012

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