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Jul 02 12
Is it worth making a Phantom since in the Luminous patch they nerf it.. I really wanted to make one but whit this nerf i dont know anymore.....
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Jul 02 12
how badly did they get nerfed?
Jul 02 12
not that bad only about what 10% and maybe some cool downs adjustments also
Jul 02 12
Talent of Phantom Thief I/II/III/IV: there is now a 30 second cooldown in between changing skills
Blanc Carte: damage has been decreased from 160% to 140%
Coat of Arms: damage has been decreased from 225% to 200%
Pray of Aria: damage boost has been decreased from 30% to 20%
Tempest of Card: cooldown has been increased from 12 seconds to 18 seconds
Ultimate Drive: damage has been decreased from 130% to 120%
Twilight: damage has been decreased from 600% to 450%
Noir Carte: damage has been decreased from 220% to 200%
They also get -40% stolen skills durations

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Jul 02 12
Once we see Luminous on the horizon for GMS, it'll be nerfed in KMS. Just like every other new class.
Jul 02 12
Bera Shadower
Dang. Phantom's get nerfed that bad? They weren't that OP to begin with.
Jul 02 12
now i wonder how badly jett will get nerfed
Jul 02 12*
Scania Bow Master
I want a nerf so bad it makes all the bandwagoner jetts go running back to their demon slayers.
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Jul 02 12
LOL nice
Jul 02 12*
and besides they'll probably revamp it again i think
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