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P/c Maple Necklace Gem

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How much would a Maple Necklace Gem go for?

They are the ones used to make the 15att Awakening Mind of Maple Necklace, and yes they are tradeable.
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gigantoguy Level 154 Windia Aran 4
idk but u get it from gach and idk if its tradable
Jul 14 2012
i thought it was free from questing?
Jul 14 2012
Greenf00t Level 164 Mardia Jett 4
Yesterday night in the MYCK alliance, someone was getting offers as high as 600m if i remeber correctly for one
Jul 14 2012
oh ok and is the final pendant pottable? if the 15 atk pendant is pottable ill pay 500m for the gem on the spot
Jul 14 2012
I thought you needed 3 gems to fully upgrade the necklace? If it's just one price it at max and take offers you're bound to get good ones~
Jul 14 2012
DoesNotMatter Level 156 Broa Shade 4
3Gems= 15att. Thats what those pics claim on the event page.
Jul 14 2012
Ghetto415 Level 191 Bera Shadower
Seems like it's a hassle just to get 3 of these gems. MoN would be much easier and cheaper to get.
Jul 14 2012
yeah, the pendant is trash if it isn't pottable lol. MoNs are much cheaper for only 5 attack less.
Jul 14 2012

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