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Is Maplestory down?

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screwriod Level 183 Windia Xenon 4
well i clicked and play and it show firewall unable to connect is it currently A server check right now?
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For like the billionth time, yes, read the site notes.
Jul 18 2012
Just read the site, why are some maplers IQ just to low to do that...
Jul 18 2012
It should be back up and running now. I mean, it does say PLAY in capital letters now.
Jul 18 2012
ya stupid idiot its the 4th job update good bye uho
Jul 18 2012
chivas Level 140 Windia Bow Master
All servers are up, but the game client closes a bit after the window is created. First I thought it was only for webstart, but the same is happening for the offline gamelauncher now too.[/quote]

OFFTOPIC: I love your screeny..I wish everything your quote said was true,!
Jul 18 2012
New Screen: ATK 110 Gross Jaeger
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