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Personality Traits-The Guide

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tomas1251 Level 140 Scania I/L Arch Mage


Hi basil community, I decided to make this guide to help out people, who don't know how to train their traits.

A little of art:
[url=]Little Banner[/url]

Why I decided to do it now?

MapleStory was undergoing on unscheduled server maintenance and I was so bored u_u. And me and my friends want to share this with you.

(gMS v114.1)


Charm Charm Charm... this trait at level 30 will unlock a Pocket slot, and the first permanent untradeable Facial Expression after you finished the required quests. The quest to unlock the Pocket slot is given by the NPC Big Headward, located at the Hair salon in Henesys.

The quests to get your Facial Expressions are given by the NPC Lana from Kerning Square. She will tell you what to do; the quests are different for each Facial Expressions you have to unlock. Some quests only involve talking to other NPCs, you might have to travel, and some quests require you to collect a lot of ETC items.

After you got your first Facial Expression at Level 30, every 5 levels of Charm you will unlock more Facial Expressions until you maxed out your Charm.

Face expression:
[url=]Face expression-preview[/url]

  • Level 30 Charm, Constant Sigh (Chief Stan) & Pocket Slot
  • Level 35 Charm, Woah Woah (Hersha - [Collect] 350 Curse eye tail)
  • Level 40 Charm, Panicky (Betty)
  • Level 45 Charm, Queasy (Tangyoon)
  • Level 50 Charm, Drool (Calico - [Hunt] 100 Blue ribbon pig 100 Ribbon pig)
  • Level 55 Charm, Bleh (Wing the Fairy - [Collect] 550 Lupin's banana)
  • Level 60 Charm, Ouch (Camila- [Collect] 600 Stone Golem Rubble)
  • Level 65 Charm, Dragon Breath (Alfonse Green - [Collect] Nependeath fruit)
  • Level 70 Charm, Sweetness (Rinz the assistant - Scissorhands)
  • Level 75 Charm, Wink (Sirin - 100k mesos)
  • Level 80 Charm, Flaming (Sunny- [Collect] Sunny's Gloves, from Crimson Balrog)
  • Level 85 Charm, Smooching (Platic Roy - 1 Diamond)
  • Level 90 Charm, Ray (Mini - [Hunt] 450 Ghost Pirate 450 and Dual Gohst Pirate)
  • Level 95 Charm, Sparkling Eyes (Pam - [Collect] 425 Harp's tail feather)
  • Level 100 Charm, Goo Goo

Note: These facial expressions cannot be moved into the CS inventory, they stay only on the character that obtains the expressions.

How to train Charm?

There are many ways to train this. Here are some of them you can choose which most fit with you. Of course if you got the time for it, do them all in one day and you will get a large daily amount of Charm, approximately 1,000 Charm.

*Monster Park: You can farm Monster Park Coins and exchange them for Spiegelmann's Mustache from the NPC Laku, which gives 100 Charm (and 100 Ambition).

Tip: A nice way to earn a lot of Monster Park Coins is if you do it during 2X Events. You can use a familiar or buffs that increase the drop rate (Example: Wolf Spider and Mutant Ribbon Pig).

Note: Familiar buffs don't stack with 2X drop buffs, so be careful it will erase it.

*[C]Zakum: For me this is a decent way to get Charm, but it's limited (2 times a day). Each Zakum Helmet gives you 50 Charm and a Chaos Zakum Helmet gives you 70 Charm. Since Zakum (and Horntail) became instanced, the drop rate has been decreased. You will find around 0-3 helmets per run.

TIP: For those who have no difficulty taking down Chaos Zakum or Chaos Horntail, you could go farm Charm there. For everyone else just do the things mentioned above.

*Party Quests: There are actually 2 Party Quests that you can do to train your Charm. OrbisPQ (a.k.a. Remnant of the Goddess), each run gives you 20 Charm and 1 feather; with 10 runs you will have 200 Charm. You can trade the 10 feathers you got from each PQ run for one pair of Goddess Shoes, which gives you 40 Charm.

And the other Party Quest is KentaPQ (a.k.a. Kenta in Danger), each run gives you 26 Charm and 2 Scales, with 10 runs you will have 260 Charm and if you have collected 100 Scales, you can trade it for one pair of Kenta's Goggles (80 Charm).

Note: Do not drop the Goddess Shoes and the Kenta's Goggles! If you lack equipment inventory slots I recommend you to save up the Scales and the Feathers and exchange these in for equipment at a later time. See 'Fusing Gears' for more details!

*Dojo: At the Dojo you can farm Emblems. If you have enough Emblems you can trade them in to receive your Dojo Belt. There are different belts with different stats. The belts also give traits like Charm and Ambition.

Easy Mode: 0-1 emblems
Normal Mode: 2 emblems
Hard Mode: 3 emblems
Ranked Mode: 5 Emblems

You need 50 Mu Gong's Emblems for a Yellow Belt, which gives you 100 Ambition and Charm, why the Yellow Belt?. The Yellow Belt gives the best amount of traits for the amount of emblems you have to trade in.

For example: if you got 250 emblems you can get 1 Black Belt (125 Ambition and Charm) or 5 Yellow Belts (total of 500 Ambition and Charm)

TIP: If you can't do the entire Dojo run, you could just collect between 20-40 Emblems in each run.

We are telling you this because it is really time consuming (and boring) when you haven't got enough HP, MP regeneration or attack.

If you do get on the Dojo Ranking List and the Dojo has been counted, you will receive a Dojo Box on your screen. Upon clicking the Box you will receive a Dojo Glove. The glove last for 24 hours and it gives some nice stats and 100 (150 if your 1st in the list) Charm, Ambition and Willpower.
*Fusing Gears: Some items that give Charm (for example Kenta Goggles), what you can do, is to fuse these items, after you have equipped them for the Charm, and get a new one, this new one will be clean and give you Charm.
Tip: Don't forget to wear the fused item to receive the Charm from it before you fuse it again. u-u

*NX Items: when you wear a NX item, change your hair Style, change your face or change your Skin you will earn you Charm points, the best way to use this buying on "1 NX" events or similar ones.

TIP: It's a good idea to buy NX Overall or Weapon because they both give 60 Charm. Remember that the CSS (CashShop Surprise Style) boxes do give out equips that expires in 3 months and they're very cheap in FM; can easily be bought with mesos (shouldn't cost over 50m for all servers; prices may still vary in new worlds like Renegades, the merged servers, etc)

Note: Royal Hairstyle, Royal Facestyle, April Fool's Day Hairstyle and some others don't give Charm at all!
Current Event: "Olimpic Face Paint"<August 1-August 7> Face paint 99NX (40 charm)

*Fame: each point of fame gives you 1 Charm, or if someone defames you, your charm will reduce by 1 point.

TIP: When you are level 100 Charm and someone defames you, your Charm will go back to level 99 (1 point left to level 100) xD.

Comment by Hualicious: LOL is that even a tip?

Remember there is a maximum cap of 5,000 Charm per day.


The will to have more HP... this trait gives HP, Weapon/Magic defence and Abnormal Status Resistance, there are Party Quests that give Willpower and there is a way to get unlimited Willpower points:

*Party Quests: Dragonoir PQ, each run gives you 40 Willpower, with 10 runs you can earn 400 Willpower, also you have Kenta PQ (26 Will power per run), Orbis PQ (20 Willpower per run).

*Mining: Each time you raise the level of Mining you get Willpower points which ignores the daily limit of 500 points. TIP: Relearn the Mining skill every time it reaches Level 10, the easiest and cheapest way is crafting opals.

At level 100, 2000HP is your precious reward.

Tip: If you can't relearn your Profession Skill Mining to raise your Willpower, because you are lvl 10 Accessory and you want to make Shoulder to sell them, just do Party Quests. I recommend doing Kenta PQ and if you want to raise your Charm as well, you should do Orbis PQ as well. These 2 Party Quests will cover Ambition, Charm and Willpower, all three traits will reach the 500 (while 2 of these traits will reach the max, you could be happy with 500 Charm per day already)


This trait will help us to reduce the EXP lost when you die, improves your Battle Mode Attack and your Monster Ignore Defences.

*Party Quests:Kenta PQ.

Many people will just get a daily amount of 500 Ambition points, but if you want to get more Ambition points you could get this trait close to 500 (for example 480) and then you kill a Boss that gives you a lot of Ambition (for example Pink Bean 500 Ambition, Arkarium 500 Ambition, Zakum 275 Ambition etc.)

*Boss Runs: Most of Bosses give Ambition so you can kill them for it.

TIP: An easy way to earn Ambition is to do the Silent Crusade Quests to unlock the Boss Portals. The boss Deet and Roi gives the best Ambition points, but it doesn't drop Silent Crusade Coins though. Leafre bosses in the Boss Portals don't give Ambition (not sure why).

Each Deet and Roi gives 32 Ambition and you can enter a Boss Portal 15 times a day, which gets your Ambition to 480. Then you can just kill something else for example a boss that gives a lot of Ambition.

Note: If you are going to kill Zakum or Chaos Zakum keep in mind since few patches ago they added 10 Ambition points per killed Zakum Arm. So if you go with 480 Ambitions to Zakum, you won't benefit from killing a Zakum like that. So you need to have 410 Ambition points or lower before you fight Zakum. The same is with HornTail, each part gives 10 charm, Pink Bean stills giving 500 charm (statues don't give ambition).


This trait will gives us more exp from completing Quests and it also increases our MP.

*Harvesting: Actually you can do it in 2 ways, first do harvesting for 500 Empathy, and you can also train you Harvesting Profession because as mining when you raise a new level you gain Empathy point.

TIP: Crafting Marjoran seed/flower Oil, you could use other one to craft HP/MP potions for yourself when finished you'll have enough for the rest of your maple-life.

Note: So if you can't relearn the Herbalism you should just harvest every day for 500 points. Just do it in Ardentmill it will only take about 30 minutes a day. If you harvest at maps with monster spawns, it will take you approximately 2 hours to reach 500 points.


This is a nice trait which helps us increasing the scroll success rate; it also increases the Double Mastery Chance. The last one is not that great but it does help you level up your Profession Skills faster when crafting (it is helpful when you are relearning your Profession Skill). At max level the Scroll success rate will be +10% and +20% Double Mastery chance.

*Crafting: Simple, buy opals or oils to craft from stores, make sure it's not overpriced, and craft if smith: arrows, if accessory: rings, alchemy: STR,DEX,INT and LUK potions. As with Empathy, each time you raise a new level of alchemy, smithing, accessory crafting; you will gain Diligence point.

TIP: Buy opals <ok you can make them in a mule also> and craft arrow, you don't need other material and you need few slots in use.

Note: When Alchemist craft STR, DEX, INT or LUK potions, these require the least inventory slots and it consumes the least ingredients. So as in result you can craft longer with the amount of ingredients you have in stock.


The last and the less important trait INSIGHT!, well the most slowest trait to raise really u_u...
This trait gives us Accuracy and Avoidability and a permanently free to use Magnifying Glass.

  • Level 30 Insight: Unlocks a free to use Magnifying Glass (Basic)
  • Level 60 Insight: Unlocks a free to use Magnifying Glass (Average)
  • Level 90 Insight: Unlocks a free to use Magnifying Glass (Advanced)

-Mining: The only way to earn fast Insight points is by mining at Ardentmill. It takes about 30 minutes. Each successful mining gives you 5 Insight points.

Tip: After every daily reset it is a good idea to raise your trait to the daily max (applies for every trait). Whenever there's a Servers Check, the daily earned trait points will be reset back to 0/500 (and for Charm of course 0/5000). So you can earn additional trait points within the same day, thus your trait will level up faster this way too.

*Using Magnifying Glass: I recommend you to use this method when you are fusing a lot of items. Monster Park gives a lot of equipment, especially during 2X events; they will drop a LOT. If you use the Magnifying Glass on them, you will get the insight points to 500 fast if you do many runs.

Note: This is a way to raise your Insight but it takes a lot of equipment. Personally, it is way faster just to do mining. Also, please take note that you can only buy 5 Monster Tickets a day but you can enter Monster Park however many times you want depending on the number of tickets you have.

My Last Advice

My Last Advice to get that perfect Trait Hexagon is: to be constant.
That's all my friends.

Special thanks to:

For the time on PQs in my way to max them <This is close enough now... xD>
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janny1993 Level 225 Scania Blade Master
Woot now I can max all my traits*
Lazy to read now, maybe later

Ok so I skim through the passage and found this isn't exactly a guide on how to level up your traits*?

Well... I have a more detailed guide here quoted from 2 players.


That 2000+ hp +20% status resistance is pretty sweet.
and from some calculation; just 49 hours and 355 Million meso, a person can have a lv 100 will power.
Here is how:
take mining; buy opal or lead
get to lv 10 mining: a total of 2555 will power will gain; 915,000 spent on lvl; 1168 opal is created, cost 8,756,250 meso (including meso to buy energy drink);
total spent for one lv1-10 mining: 9,671,250
repeat for a total of 37 times. each times cost about 80 minutes = ~49 hours
a total of ~321m will spent on material, 33.5m spent on lvl fee.
a total of ~43k opal will be made[/quote]


Starting from lvl 0 diligence to lvl 100 takes 93,596 exp and with this method you get 2,555 exp per lvl 10 craft so that's 37 times(36.6 rounded up because you would be just short of lvl 100 if you stopped at 36 times) that you would have to do this(not counting the extra diligence you would get from the crafting itself before you reached 500 daily cap).

As for costs. It takes 23,350 mastery to get from lvl 1 to lvl 10 smithing/jewel. The mastery per arrow slowly decreases as well. Assuming you only use quality arrows it would be(note all numbers are rounded up as you would be short some mastery if you rounded down):

lvl 1: 250mastery/200 per arrow = 2 arrows
lvl 2: 600/190 = 4 arrows
lvl 3: 1050/181 = 6 arrows
lvl 4: 1600/172 = 10 arrows
lvl 5: 2250/164 = 14 arrows
lvl 6: 3000/156 = 20 arrows
lvl 7: 3850/149 = 26 arrows
lvl 8: 4900/142 = 35 arrows
lvl 9: 5850/135 = 44 arrows

Total = 161 arrow crafts

This, of course is assuming double mastery never kicks in. To be able to craft quality arrows 161 times that would take 161 silver/opal, which is 322 ores and 161 molds. Each ore costs 2,000 meso, each mold costs 100. That's 644,000 on ores and 16,100 on molds.

For the fatigue potions it's actually cheaper to buy super moo instead of bear power. To refine the ores and craft the arrows would take 966 fatigue. That would take 32.2(33) super moo potions or 19.32(20) bear power potions. Super moo potions are 100,000 mesos each so that would cost you 3,300,000 mesos to remove all of the fatigue. With bear power potions, they are 300,000 mesos each so it would cost you 6,000,000 mesos.

So overall it can cost between 3,960,100 and 6,660,100 mesos to get from level 1 to level 10 smithing crafting quality arrows. So a grand total of 146,523,700(super moo) or 246,423,700(bear power) mesos to get from lvl 0 to lvl 100 diligence using this method.[/quote]
Jul 22 2012
tomas1251 Level 140 Scania I/L Arch Mage
Woot now I can max all my profession
Lazy to read now, maybe later

Ok so I skim through the passage and found this isn't exactly a guide on how to level up your profession?

Well... I have a more detailed guide here quoted from 2 players. [/quote]

Thanks, I was focus on give people more options, because most of the traits take like 3 months to get maxed, so why not train your traits while doing PQs with your friends or Bossing xD...
Jul 22 2012
Nice guide.

You can do Romeo and Juliet Party quest for Empathy if I'm not mistaken.
Jul 22 2012
janny1993 Level 225 Scania Blade Master
Nice guide.

You can do Romeo and Juliet Party quest for Empathy if I'm not mistaken.[/quote]

Yes you can but the exp reward is very little.. lol
Jul 22 2012
tomas1251 Level 140 Scania I/L Arch Mage
Nice banner up there Tomas. ;D[/quote]

Thanks ^^, I tried to make it similar to kMS Style used when there're event, cleaned the wings from the purple aure (Diligence char).

I want to put more images but I need to wait (if possible) this thread moved to Guides section
Jul 22 2012
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