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Jul 27 12
Windia Shadower
I got Dex to Str conversion inner ability C. Says "1% of Ap added to Dex, added to str"

This any good?
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Jul 27 12
Windia Night Lord
If you have 100 dex it gives you 1 Str stat.

i dont know if this is good for your job, you tell me.
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Jul 27 12
Zenith Mechanic 1
Would it be alright if you were maybe a Mechanic looking for a secondary stat boost? Not exactly that level, but as the level of the skill gets higher it's a much higher percentage.
Jul 27 12*
Scania Dark Knight
this would help so much with secondary statless chars. For example, I have 13 str and 800ish dex. That's 8 extra str right there, that could help em get empress xD

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