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Adalia Rose The Progeria Girl, and inhumane exploitation

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LeechLess Level 146 Scania Night Lord
"Progeria is a rare genetic condition that produces rapid aging in children. "

Progeria is an extremely rare condition, mind this fact.

If you want to skip a wall of text just watch this video;feature=relmfu.

Most of you might know Adalia Rose (maybe not her name), you know that girl that gets shared on facebook/twitter and you see "Share if she's beautiful " or "RT if you have a heart". Here's her facebook page

Now, Adalia's mother Natalia has been putting her child out there on the internet exploiting her for money. But before I get to that, putting someone like Adalia on the internet for attention-seeking purposes is pitiful. Never in a million years if I had a child with a disease or condition would I put her out there for the internet. I'm sure basilers already know the impact the internet can have, and the negativity. Who wants their own daughter, disease or not, progeria or not, to be subjected to cyber-bullying? It's disgusting.

On to the exploitation part, her mother makes videos such as this one;feature=related that shows her doing what she thinks is cute. And honestly, there's nothing wrong with that except that as you can see in the video which is the official youtube account of hers by the way, is asking for subscribers.

If you all go to the first facebook link, and scroll down you can see that she's doing various 'fundraisers' which is BS. Back on the topic of cyber-bullying, it's just common sense to know that there are people out there who make fun of her and her mom should have the common sense to know that she will and has been cyber bullied. The first I've heard of her was when I stumbled on a facebook page that was called "Stop the aliens from invading" and it had Adalia as the picture cover. Thank God that page is now removed.

And if it wasn't bad enough that her mom is seeking attention, other people are too.;s=6

If you have a facebook/twitter, tell me you haven't seen these annoying pictures of people with four boxes and texts underneath them who aren't funny and clearly seeking attention.

In all seriousness, the real reason I made this thread was to share this link

If you actually want to help this disease, (indirectly) help Adalia, please donate or look at the fundraising events.

Thank you all for reading, have a good day.
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sohee Level 107 Demethos Demon Avenger 4
that tinypic link made me want to kill myself
Jul 28 2012
SriLankanKen Level 185 Windia Buccaneer
ugh... There is going to be alot of flaming in this thread.

That tinypic link was... awful.
Jul 28 2012
[url=]MC Progeria represent[/url]
Jul 28 2012
Pheonixsblaze Level 198 Bellocan Marksman
ugh... There is going to be alot of flaming in this thread.

That tinypic link was... awful.[/quote]

I agree
Offtopic: Hello Ken.
Jul 28 2012
[url=]MC Progeria represent[/url][/quote]

i love that guy
Jul 28 2012
She's ugly as hell
Jul 28 2012
LeechLess Level 146 Scania Night Lord
"Share if she's beautiful " or "RT if you have a heart".
People who do that ^ ^ ^
Are worse really, they're the ones supporting it and allowing it to continue.[/quote]

Not to mention it's for attention, because if you look at the facebook accounts/twitter accounts of those they're doing the EXACT SAME thing but with something else, like those Like if you're TeamJesus, or keep scrolling if you believe in Satan. They view this as an opportunity for more likes shares and retweets.
Jul 28 2012
sohee Level 107 Demethos Demon Avenger 4
@LeechLess: im seeing a pattern
Jul 28 2012

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