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Jumpstart Lv.50 Db skill build/guide?

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Jul 28 12
Windia Blade Recruit
Does anybody know where I can find a skill build on Dual Blades from the BigWig coupon?

I just used the coupon today and I see a lot of new skills for the DB so I was wondering if I can find a skill build somewhere.

All of the other skill builds I have seen so far are not up-to-date...
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Jul 28 12
Windia Blade Lord
Youtube~BigWig DB skill build
Jul 28 12
Bera Bandit
Skip double and triple stab. Max self haste, Booster and Mastery.

Max everything in II+ except fatal blow, and put your left over into Dark Sight/Nimble Body. I don't remember the rest of the build so i'm just gonna look for the link. There ya go.
Jul 28 12
Windia Blade Master
If I were you, I would skip double and triple stab. They're useless at Lv. 50.
Jul 28 12
Windia Blade Recruit
Thanks Asemco!

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