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The Perfect Corsair vs The Bounty Hunter, Jett

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SriLankanKen Level 185 Windia Buccaneer

The Perfect Corsair vs The Bounty Hunter Jett

Has anyone wondered who is better? Well no longer! You will now get to see a thread that answers all those questions and more! And ofcourse this will NOT be baised. Let's use a scenario where a corsair and a jett are equally average funding for agurements sake for this anlaysis.

But if you don't want to read the whole thing just know this then.

Funded: Corsair>Jett in general including bossing.
Unfunded/Normal Funded (Not Bossing): Corsair>Jett
Unfunded/Normal Funded (Bossing): Jett>Corsair

The Perfect Corsair

Ah Corsairs, you can never go wrong with an original right? Anyways, Corsair will have more damage than Jett. That's right, I said it. If you thought Jett was OP at 4th, wait until you see Corsairs! Everyone says Jett is more overpowered than Corsair BUT that is only from Jobs 1-3. At 4th Corsairs will be better than Jett. Corsair gets more Wep. Attack from their skills than Jett. Corsair also has a high crit rate. Corsairs have +60 weapon attack fully buffed. (Not even including bullets!)

Crew Ship Commander
Assemble Crew Damage: +10%, All Crew - Weapon ATT: +30, Muirhat - Critical Damage: +10%, Valerie - Critical Hit Rate: +10%, Jack - HP and MP: +20%, Speed: +20%

Hollow Point Bullets
MP Cost: 35, Weapon ATT: +30, 700 Hollow Point Bullets

Also they will have more % Gun Mastery AND a better version of revamped rapid fire due to Captain's Dignity.

Captain's Dignity.
Gun Mastery: +70%, Explosive Damage: 70%

The Bounty Hunter, Jett

Now here is Jett's time to shine. Jett is an exclusive GMS class... Well basically a re-skinned corsair with better looking animations and some Bucc skills put in it. But I love the space bounty hunter/cowboy western theme they gave to GMS. That's just my opinion. Also Jett will have much more critical damage, and a MUCH higher critical % rate and MUCH higher crit dmg. (To the point of easily getting 100% crit rate with little funding). Jett also has more survivability than corsair due to Perseverance.

Dark Clarity
MP Cost: 24, Weapon ATT: +30, Accuracy: +160

Recover 5% HP and MP every 8 seconds.

Collateral Damage
Critical Rate: +15%, Critical Damage: +10%, Additional Critical Rate on Bosses: 20%, Damage on Bosses: +20%

Lower Levels

Well I will explain this in a nutshell. Jett is better than Corsair from 1-3 Jobs due to the more %+ they have in their skills.

1st Job Attacking
Tornado Uppercut>Somersault Kick

2nd Job Attacking
Static Thumper>Invisible Shot (Not even maxed, most Jetts only keep Static Thumper at 16).

3rd Job Attacking
Solar Array>Double Barrel Shot
Why? Simple. Solar Array is level 30, while Double Barrel Shot is only level 20.

Gamma Missile>Bullet Smash
Why? Because Gamma Missile will be maxed, and has expolision damage, unlike Bullet Smash.

  • Jett's also have a 1v1 move they will use in LHC when attacking one monster which is Drone Blast, while Outlaws do not. However Jetts are not going to max this skill, Rapid Fire will replace it at 4th job.

The Similarities

Corsair and Jett both have the exact same skills as the following:

Double Shot=Double Shot
MP Cost: 7, Damage: 165%, Number of Hits: 2, Range: 380

Triple Shot=Triple Shot
MP Cost: 16, Damage: 181%, Number of Hits: 3

Gun Mastery=Gun Mastery
Gun Mastery: +50%, Accuracy: +120, Bullet Capacity: +200

Gun Booster=Gun Booster
MP Cost: 11, Duration: 200 sec

Pirate Training=Physical Training
Strength: +30, Dexterity: +30

Half Life=Valkyrie's Patience.
Physical Defense: +30%, Magical Defense: +30%, Max HP and MP: +600

Octopus Quarterdeck=Turrent Deployment
MP Cost: 18, Duration: 30 sec, Damage: 140%, Cooldown Time: 10 sec

Full Metal Jacket=Cutting Edge
Critical Hit Rate: +30%, Defense Ignored: 20%

Rapid Fire=Rapid Fire
MP Cost: 9, Damage: 330%

Suborbital Bombardier=Fallisade (or 8 Leg Easton)
MP Cost: 55, Bullets Consumed: 4, Damage: 590%, Number of Hits: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 6

Pirate's Revenge=Counterattack
Activation Rate: 40%, Duration: 45 sec, Damage: +15%

Continual Aiming=Mighty Meteor
MPCost: 37, Damage: 610%, Bonus Damage: +20%

Headshot=Brain Scrambler
MP Cost: 30, Instant Death, vs Bosses: Damage: 800%, Number of Hits: 4, Defense Ignored: 40%, Critical Hit Rate: 100%, Range: 600, Cooldown Time: 5 sec

Nautilus Strike=Starfall
MP Cost: 350, Damage: 520%, Number of Hits: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Cooldown Time: 30 sec

Pirate Style vs Relentless

Corsair has an overall better version of this skill mainly because the Corsair's version gives more stance than the Jett version of it, and Corsair's version of it gives damage % as apposed to attack %.

Pirate Style
Damage: +10%, Elemental and Status Effect Resistance: +30%, Knock-back Resistance: +60%, Avoidability: -300

Attack: +10%, Abnormal Status/Elemental Resistance: +40%, Stance Chance: 40%, Avoid 300


The core, ideally 21% dex (see below)
70% crit rate
90% crit rate on bosses
20% min Crit dmg
10% max crit dmg

70% extra damage on all attacks
55% crit rate
10% min crit dmg

the jetts core is a solid number added
i've found that 15% is about 4k range
that is 5600 range increase, the reason i pick % dex over any other is that through my own research i found a greater increase in range from a % main stat rather than a % atk of twice the value

using one massive fomula to find out when the turn over point is will be most effective without guessing and checking constantly
the formula includes the added core damage the 2 crit damage formulas, an x to represent the base unedited dmg (your damage range) and a .7 to represent the sairs FA:

(x(((.55(.3+.5)/2)+1)) + (.7x(((.55(.3+.5)/2)+1)) - (x+5600(((.7(.4+.6)/2)+1)) = 0

(X(1.22)) + (.7x(1.22)) - (x+5600(1.35) = 0
1.22x + .854x -1.35x - 7560 = 0
.724x = 7560
X = 10441.98

so the very mediocre range of 10442 is the minimum amount needed for a sair to pass a jett in damage
that means a sair with a top range of 10442 will always beat a jett with a top range of 16042 (with a core of 21% dex, assuming that they are wearing the same items), mainly because of the FA
anything higher and a sair further trumps the jett, in the above example

using the same formula and editing some values we can find the number for bossing
the formula changes to:

(x(((.55(.3+.5)/2)+1)) + (.7x(((.55(.3+.5)/2)+1)) - (1.2(x+5600)(((.9(.4+.6)/2)+1)) = 0

  1. 22x + .854x - (1.2(x+5600)(1.45)) = 0
1.22x + .854x - (1.74(x+5600)) = 0
1.22x + .854x - (1.74x+9744) = 0
1.22x + .854x - 1.74x - 9744 = 0
1.22x + .854x - 1.74x = 9744
.334x = 9744
X = 29173.65

Definitely more reasonable here
this means a sair with a range of 29174 will always beat a jett with a range of 34774
as there range linearly increases the sair increases at a faster rate

given all this 30k isnt impossible, and no where near hard enough to achieve to consider jett even plausible as a reputable fighter versus sairs

so this all boils down to "when jetts are better than sairs"
this is only implying that all equips your sair/jett are wearing can transfer to the other

LV 120+ and a range of 29174 or more on sair = Sair better in bossing and normal mobbing
LV 120+ and a range of 10442 or more on sair = Sair better in normal mobbing
LV 120+ and a range of 29174 or less on sair = jett is better in bossing (if it has a perfect core, with 21% dex)
LV 120+ and a range of 10442 or less on sair = jett is better in bossing and normal mobbing (if it has a perfect core, with 21% dex)
Lv 0 - 119 = jett better due to superior skills

so if you never plan on getting higher than 11k range, make a jett, but that normally comes naturally

the only sketchy area is when your sair has between 10442 range and 29174 range, it depends on what you wanna do, the jett will be better at bossing but the sair dominates mobbing

IMPORTANT EDIT. THE EQUATION WAS A TAD OFF IN CORSAIR'S FAVOR. READ HERE TO SEE THE CORRECTIONS DONE BY @Beesafree. The mobbing formula has been changed. The addition of cross cut blast wasn't put in to the equation. I'm sorry if this ticks anyone off![/

(x(((.55(.3+.5)/2)+1)) + .25(.7x(((.55(.3+.5)/2)+1)) - (x+2266.66(((.7(.4+.6)/2)+1)) = 0

(X(1.22)) + .25(.7x(1.22)) - (x+2266.66(1.35) = 0
1.22x + .2135x -1.35x - 3060 = 0
.0835x = 3060
X = 36646.70

FA only attacking at a quarter of the time changes it vastly
still fairly low though
bossing changes too, in sairs favor

(x(((.55(.3+.5)/2)+1)) + (.7x(((.55(.3+.5)/2)+1)) - (1.2(x+2266.66)(((.9(.4+.6)/2)+1)) = 0

  1. 22x + .854x - (1.2(x+2266.66)(1.45)) = 0
1.22x + .854x - (1.74(x+2266.66)) = 0
1.22x + .854x - 1.74x - 3943.98 = 0
.334x = 3943.98
X = 11808.34

Credits to:
@Beesafree and @SleepyheadXIII


One of the few areas Jett dominates aganist Corsair is Mobility. Glide Blast is so mobile for the fact that it gves Jetts the ability to Triple Jump. Corsairs are limited because their version of Wings can only be used on the ground, and recoil shot can't even compare to Glide Blast's speed.

The Core vs Bullets

Jett has a special Item which is pot-able at 120 known as "the core", and it takes up the shield slot Jett has. This makes Jett a bit better to make if your willing to spend some nx on the class. Corsair has Bullets which gives more wep attack to the already astounding +60 wep attack when fully buffed. However as we all know % stat>weapon attack at higher levels so...

The Core>Bullets.


Jett completely dominates in this area because of Perseverance and the HP+ The Core item gives. Also their relentless gives more Abnormal Status resistance than the sair version.

That's all folks!

As for me, I personally am thinking of maining my Jett even after the revamp, btw I have a corsair! And this concludes the comparison to a Revamped Corsair and a Jett. I hope it was everything you needed put into one simply thread.
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sleepyheadXIII Level 200 Windia Corsair
If I remember correctly, the bullet attack doesn't stack with hollow bullet point since hollow bullet makes it's own set of imaginary bullets.
As for damage wise, people should just refer to this;;amp;page=10 for Jett
and page 1= the adventurer pirates.

Edit; oh, and for the corsair section why mention full metal jacket when Jett has that skill as well?
Jul 29 2012
samueld9810 Level 148 Scania Bishop
Good work!
Jul 29 2012
KamikazeDes Level 220 Windia Corsair See what games, anime & art KamikazeDes is intoKamikazeDes
Ily. And @sleepyheadXIII: yeah, I'm pretty sure the tables say that you get 700 30 Att Bullets, instead of it being an actual buff. Might just be lost in translation, though.
Jul 29 2012
SriLankanKen Level 185 Windia Buccaneer
If I remember correctly, the bullet attack doesn't stack with hollow bullet point since hollow bullet makes it's own set of imaginary bullets.
As for damage wise, people should just refer to this;;amp;page=10 for Jett
and page 1= the adventurer pirates.

Edit; oh, and for the corsair section why mention full metal jacket when Jett has that skill as well? [/quote]

I started to get lazy and didn't want to edit it out. I'll do it later lol.

Thanks everyone for your opinions, and support xD
Jul 29 2012
SriLankanKen Level 185 Windia Buccaneer
Just so you know, pirates are getting a secondary weapon in KMS too.[/quote]

Really? What are the names of the weapons ?
Jul 29 2012
SriLankanKen Level 185 Windia Buccaneer
@Pheonixsblaze: Magnum is for mech only and the Nova pirate's name is angelic buster >
And hello ~_~
Jul 29 2012
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