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Embarrassing Nx Experiences

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Darken Level 157 Chaos Marksman
I remember there was a thread like us a few years ago. I want to laugh again...

I went to the 7-11 near my house, and I decided to spend $100 on NX. The cashier was quite snobby...but this wasn't my first time here. I used to buy NX quite often. He always rolled his eyes when he saw me and what not. Well one day, when I bought $100 of NX , the most I've bought ever, he tried to make a conversation. He was like: "so you like spending money on games, eh." "Oh goodness, if I had $100, I CANNOT IMAGINE. *Indian Accent* and then he makes this moaning sound...oOOOoo. He was like imagining what he could've done with $100 and it was as if he was going to hire a prostitute. Because of the conversation, it held up the line and everyone was looking at me... I awkwardly left.

What are your embarrassing experiences?
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sparkshooter Level 183 Scania Bow Master sparkshooter
@achyif: Lol WELL you were the ones that started attacking me

You could have EASILY just read the comment and said "Well whatever, none of my business how he works", but no, You wanted to try and make me look like a jackass when in reality I just reasonably responded with experiences from my work (which you were indeed curious about).

I'm not bitter about anything. Actually I enjoyed my time working there, however I had to quit because It's almost time for me to run off to college. You can say whatever you want about it, but eventually your going to realize that it would be a serious waste of time to go back in time and tell a cashier at 7/11 that his work ethic is "wrong" (I mean you could go to the future and get a hover board! )[/quote]
You are wrong to meddle with other people's businesses. An enjoy or have a nice is enough. There is absolutely no need to talk about how or why he uses his products. And yes you are a "jackass" for shouting out that a customer was shooting for a virtual pet with a ton of money.
Jul 31 2012
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*scribbles note to self*: never become a cashier. You will turn into a bitter @ hole who complains on forums about your times as one.[/quote]

No... just stop. You have no idea what you're talking about -.-
Jul 31 2012
I was checking out like 30$ worth of NX and the cashier seems surprised that I'm buying. She actually rolls her eyes, sigh, and moan.
Jul 31 2012
@sparkshooter: "Meddle"? Really? I suppose it is rude to shout out someones business in **an empty store.** Hell when people buy condoms I used to tell them "Good luck" and they just walked off with a grin on their face. I'm not psychic, I don't know what they intend to do with the purchased item. The Pink Bean pet event wasn't even out at the time. For all I care he could be dicing up his NX cards and snorting them. Honestly? I'm making a reference to something we both do
Jul 31 2012
When I was going to a Rite Aid to buy NX, I couldn't find any on a shelf, so I had to ask about 2 workers, and they kept thinking I was asking for "kettle corn" and stuff like that, it went on for about 5 minutes until I decided to leave..
Jul 31 2012
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cashier thought it was fake money and asked did u steal this?
Jul 31 2012
sparkshooter Level 183 Scania Bow Master sparkshooter
Well, I would be extremely embarrassed and annoyed at the time if someone shouted out that I was in a smega war, regardless of whether other people heard.
Jul 31 2012
@sparkshooter: Well you must have incredibly low self-esteem. Think of it this way: You're buying NX meaning you have disposable income. You have SO much money that you can literally just throw money into the wind and it not be a problem the next day. I wish I could do that
Jul 31 2012
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