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Highest to Lowest Dps Classes?

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What would be the top 10 classes from highest to lowest damage per second?

Post your list

- 1v1 damage
- 7 billion in funding
- Currently released in GMS (post pirate revamp)
- Level 200

Here is my list:
  1. Mercedes
  2. Phantom
  3. Corsair (post revamp)
  4. Wild hunter
  5. Evan
  6. Nightlord
  7. Hero
  8. Jett
  9. Bowmaster
  10. Ice/Lightning Mage
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squire7766 Level 200 Bera Paladin
Whichever class requires the most NX, must be the strongest.

So says Nexon, god of Maplestory.
Aug 02 2012
What do you mean "My list"? As in it's opinionated so there's more than 1 list?
Also, I don't see how you can get a good idea of highest to lowest dps when you only include 10 classes...
Aug 02 2012
Dual Blades postrevamp fit somewhere in there.
Aug 02 2012
wheres shadowers in dat list?
Aug 02 2012
Your list needs mech to be about top 3, Mikhail replace hero, and dual blade fit in somewhere.[/quote]

- 1v1 damage
- 7 billion in funding
**- Currently released in GMS (post pirate revamp)**
- Level 200"

Mech and dual blade get better post resistance/dual blade revamp. And mikhail is not released yet.
Aug 02 2012
snowdragon470 Level 200 Bellocan Shade 4
Did you just put a hero has higher DPS than a jett 1v1? LOL thats like saying a hero has more dps than a sair, and prove me wrong but post pirate revamp im sure buccs have more dps than hero as well
Aug 02 2012
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